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Shawn Cast

September 26, 2006 Tuesday 6:51 PM Shawn Cast

A Quick Chat with Shawn. [file photo] Listen to the short ShawnCast.mp3
Could something in my life go right? Is that too much to ask right now? Whom ever built my life has to go back and start over because.. really.. it ain't working out right now. I just want one thing to go right. Just one. Please. .... I finally took the first telecom test. And I hope that my grade is reasonable because one can never be sure with that guy. If things aren't exactly right then it's wrong. That's the way it is with him. 9:47 PM It's pretty gloomy for me at the moment. I'm tired from it all and wish I could throw the towel in and take a long break from life. But I can't so I have to drag myself forward and rise to the challenge. ehhh


Dave said...

I have days where nothing goes right either. Keep pumping out content, we'll keep reading / listening / watching.

Sirhc Senots said...

Thanks for the support.


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