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Social Land Mines

September 5, 2006 Tuesday 9:16 PM Social Land Mines
What could possibly have broken the chain of steady posts?
Something big.
Something very big that ruined my life for about a week and a half straight
and is technically unresolved but I'm getting more used to it everyday. 
Doesn't mean I haven't written. 
Just after getting burned for a message I didn't intend to convey made
me think twice about a lot of things. 
I'll be vague because I want to move on with my life and I was
silenced and decided any attempt to bring up part of the subject could
end in another disaster or perhaps someone coming to my bedroom door
and threatening to kill me.

So I stay silent. Perhaps later I'll fill in the blanks in this 
black week of my life. The whole situation as I see it has profoundly
affected me. ...
I suppose I'm much more 'work' oriented now. 
Figures.. if you walk through a social field and step on a land-mine
you tend to stay on the roads. 

So will existing posts be posted? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. 

I'm not okay with anything.
I'm just learning to refocus on other things.
End Item.

Drew this a few days ago.

I have a fondness for the Render Edge feature in Blender.


Kristina said...

Guess what Punk, you need to come visit me at the info desk m-th after five or so...until around 9 or later sometimes..tomorrow i will only be there till about seven probably..but i miss you!!


rafa said...

dood, whats with the attitude! cmon move along. If you are really bad, share your problems with us. You never know when a word of illuminating knowledge might come!..
rafon from Argentina


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