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September 9, 2006 Saturday 11:41 AM A Textual Trail of Life
 I get up slowly... and sort of annoyingly.
As I wake up I think about all the things I don't want
to have to do... but have to for one reason or another.
Sometimes I think about the stuff I want to accomplish.
And that reminds me of all the work that is going to 
go into it. And I get tired again. 
I want to keep sleeping just to prevent the day from
coming. But it will. And I will be awake. 
 Waking up into everything again can seem like to
much sometimes. I think about interactions with people.
Everyone. People I know well and people I don't know so
well. ... and it seems a bit much sometimes. 
Maybe I won't really be able to handle all this mess.
It's too hard at times. 


I work on my style sheets. They aren't as hard as I 
thought. Easy really. Compared to all the other stuff
I attempt to learn... easy. And I consider the changes
I'll make to my blog template. They'll be intelligent
changes this time. I know what I'm doing finally.

The push came out the necessity for improvement and 
creation of a number of new blogs in order to focus
my attention to all the fields of interest I have.
Intend to make them good enough to be useful to people.
I know a ad hoc personal blog isn't. 
Not unless your a socialist or psychologist wanting a 
case study of a person. Which in that case this is a pretty
valid choice for sample material. I wouldn't mind getting
a letter someday telling me about how my blog was involved
in a study and that they have interesting results to share
with me. .... I'd be delighted that this textual trail of 
life was somehow more useful to others as well as I.
As I said before... I love to watch how keeping track affects
things. ... even if sometimes it leads to very big problems.
I'll accept the risks because I feel the greater benefit.
8:10 PM
I think I look at my jounral. (this online form of it) and
I reason out that it's not that helpful to anyone. 
And of all those people I would be the one to want more help
from having it. So what do I do?

I'm still in the process of shatting it into bits.
Splintering off fractions of what I work on and re assorting
them into a new array of checkable web content. 

I feel that the effort will be very worth it.
I'm really glad I founded a writing one too.

8:31 PM
All my resources come from all over the place.
blogspot hosts... net archive supports media..
youtube,blip and goog hold movies. And I create 
all the content. 
It wouldn't be possible to do and to show this much of 
my work without every thing. I used to think I would be
more contained and I was make and use what I came up with
which would include a friends server ... but clearly
my mind has completely flipped since then.
I'm all about... economical division of labor and service.

"I'm all about... economical division of labor and service."

11:52 PM There's lots of vibration coming through my wall right now from Josh and Alex's party at 'this place' I went up at the begining and a few moments ago. People were dancing... and taking off clothes. Where's Alex? He isn't even here yet. What gives? I'll conclude todays post on this note. Hope the police don't come knocking. I'm a little afraid of opening the door these days.

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