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Toss Me a Bone... 800 HITS

September 6, 2006 Wednesday 11:07 AM Toss Me a Bone

Thank You BlenderNation

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DIALOGUE Let me tell you something. If you wake up one day to find out you have 800 hits because someone actually found your movie and posted it to their site. You'd feel pretty excited... pretty excited. I was amazed when I first saw that... and like (gesture of amazement) Oh my gosh. Thank you very much for discovering that little movie I did. Awww Thank you Thank you. It made my day, really I was just having a horrible week, seriously so THANK YOU BlenderNation! END MOVIE
I guess every once in a while, the web tosses me a bone. === note I left on ========================================== It was a complete surprise for me to wake up today and find myself on BlenderNation. You can not know just how thrilled, surprised and honored to be mentioned here. I mean, I never thought I'd actually be noticed by anyone. And all this time I've been making videos thinking, "I've gotta do better next time" What comes out is always miles shorter than what I had in mind. But this is all very encouraging for me to keep going. Thank you all. =============================================================== Whoa. 800 hits today? I was really excited to see that. It jolted me out of the slump I was in and back into the 'getting down to business attuitude' What's funny is that the day's before were at an all time low and then this? I am so delighted. It deserves a movie even though I feel a bit sick and dizzy. ... I like to think that the chances of some of them there hits hanging around are probabily pretty good. Least that is if I act now. 5:38 PM The thing I find extra interesting is the fact I was working on that logo for that person for free and the video I do about it just happens to be one of my most viewed ones. 10:15 PM I'm felt a little dizzy today and I don't think it was from all the excitment over the hundreds of hit counts. I've been exposed to many sick people recently and I hope I don't get any worse.

I would always laugh to myself while looking at my counter stats joking about how someday it was just going to jump... and that day came.

Much to my shock.


Anonymous said...

Arrived from blendernation. Cool video. The text on your blog is tiny, had to resize it in my browser to be able to read. I don't know why your split videos are darker on one side, maybe you filmed it some time later when the sun was down more. Keep making good videos.

Anonymous said...

Good show Chris. It's a hugggee world with a lot of people looking at you. Me frinstance am from India. Look forward to more cool stuff.


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