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September 15, 2006 Friday 6:13 PM Unbearable
I used to be a happy guy. But these days... I'm just not that person.
To many different worries. Too many different stressors.
Too much hassle. It's all too much. 
And I want it to go away. Is there a way I can pull that off?
I thought I had a technological solution but even that would take
time to implement.
It's like feeling trapped in a mountain of work.
So called, 'Educational' work. This is suppose to make me better at something?
I can't stand it. 

I guess the only way to do both things. ... my life aspirations... and the
academic work 'for now' is to start one night at a time.
Only, I think social life will suffer. As is already has.
What kind of effect is that having on me?
Could it be part of the reason my mood has crashed so dramatically?

Why is it like this right now?
I don't feel like weekends exist anymore. They're just more days
to get up and do what is 'required of me' 

All the while I walk around during the day with my hand making a fist 
every other second. It's like tension is building and beging to shake
my core apart. 

I hope a nap helps. ... yeah maybe a nap.

11:40 PM
nope. not really. Not much change except now my back adn neck 
hurt becaus I slept wrong.
Haven't achieved too much anyway.
Did learn about the BASIC Stamp microcontroller and I know what
I want for my birthday now.

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