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Weekends? What weekends?

September 23, 2006 Saturday 7:52 PM Weekends? What weekends?

Weekends? What weekends?
Really? My worries take no break nor can I really force them
to. Oh I can try and bury them.. but when I get to thinking...
about it all... it's too much.
And why is it that my birthday comes up right around the first
midterms? I can't do anything about that....

There is much I haven't done... and a headache I do have.


I rode out while there was light. And under that golden light
of the last bits of the day I rode down the hills and felt
the wind and arrived at the Aqua house to find Brant, Jessica and
Alyse putting up a sign. I helped out and joked about lots
of different things. This is what happens when I get too worried and
too stressed.. I try to run and find people to laugh with.
And it sort of helps... for a time until I have to leave and come
back to my responsibilities.

Excessive concern isn't healthy. I suppose. But it is a naturally
selected trait. Not that I'm arguing for continuing to be stressed.

How doth one let go? Really. Things have been put off over and over
again because other things keep coming up. And I hate it. 
I have to finish this jury duty thing before I set appointments for
the health center.

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