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Audio: Talking to Myself

October 7, 2006 Saturday 2:13 PM Audio: Talking to Myself

Audio: Talking to Myself

Listen 1 min 50 seconds One of the first things I do in the day... is talk to myself.
Ah the greatest threat to humanity... A Rogue Exec Branch. .... 7:50 PM When working on a paper and trying to make it good .... it tends to get tendious. And then fatigue sets in. Why all this extra research? I should just write and cite adn forget about it. It's too troubling for me to continue in this manner. But my eyes grow tired and they glaze over as I look at the screen. And then it becomes all that much more painful to continue especially when I do not know the exact requirements of the sed paper. 9:46 PM How long does it take other people to write papers? I really care about the content and message. I never let any action by for nothing or 'just for class' So if that's a factor in speed of writing it's one I'm not giving up on. Though, it makes it tough when it's not writing directly for myself. Requirements and formats are a pince. 14325 words since September 1 That's roughly 387 words a day.

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