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Buying the Farm

October 3, 2006 Tuesday 9:47 PM Buying the Farm

Welp, It looks as if my first iMac is currently in the market
for the farm. You know... that big one in the sky? It failed
to start up just now. ... The dang thing has had a good life.
I supppose. If there are any files I want off of it I'd best
copy now or forever hold my peace. I suppose with a new harddrive
and OS the thing would take on a new life. 

For now... it's seeing final days. The sound the harddrive
makes is like a large animal groaning to get up in the morning.
I look at the littel chugger and I think back....
It was the first machine I got that I did so much with.
My journal didn't start on this machine nor did my BASIC programing.
But OS X came on it. Pushing the hardware to the limits.
(it was a big slow down)  

I could sweare I've copied what i needed off it... Right?
I mean I make lots of back ups anyway. I can't possibly image what else
is on there that I haven't duplicated in all these other places.

How would I check? I'm sure there is some computery science way to do it.
You know on second thought ... I don't realy need ubuntu on this machine
as well. (I can't seem to fix the screen on it)....
well... I'd best wait on a lot of things.
This is class work to be taken care of regardless.

11:11 PM
In efforts to clean files off of computers I wandered
into files from way back.. and here they are..

What would a Halloween be without a nicely rendered coffen? 
I guess it commemorates the dying of my other computer.

It's not Christmas time... but it's almost as good when you 
go into your closet and find a bunch of swords. This was last last summer.
I recall I was looking for a fan when I found a lot of metal weapons and 
I got distracted.

Poetry and Code don't mix.... but I like to be weird when I can. I found this 
old note I wrote for someone a long time ago.

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