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Cleaning House

October 28, 2006 Friday 10:36 PM Cleaning House

Can you tell the difference between these two images?


The one on the right has the same render controls except it has AmbOc enabled.

"You either, define the times, or be defined by them" 7:11 PM Okay, so I may not have worked on the paper yet and the day is sort of over in the since that I'll be occupied... I still feel good about cleaning up my room. When I look over and don't see a mound of ruffly papers I feel better. In its place, is a clean corner and a small heater. It felt good to spend 90 plus minutes to fix up everything. And yet, there is still 40 minutes before my guest arrives. Which means I can do something... should I choose to. ... Regardless, I wanted to note that I did bike out at the right time today. It was cold... but not so cold my knuckles hurt. I rode out and visited the Community pool. It was very warm and humid in there. I mused about the fact that it was right next to the cementary as well as the Arcata High School. I biked around a bit, and chased this large sea faring bird in cicrles in the parking lot. I've never pursued a bird of that size on a bike. It was fun if not a little bit un-nice. I wondered if the bird was eventually going to turn around and peck at me. ... But it didn't and instead it flew off after I circled with it for about 3 or 4 times. The whole time I rode I narrated to myself. I spoke of the short cut I took that its at the bottom of the hill that the cementry rests at. I noted the way the fog was rolling in. I noted many things but did not turn on the recorder to catch them. I thought about it though. It was right in my pocket. I desperately wanted a haircut but didn't have the cash on me nor did I think I was going to be out before the guy had closed. So, it's left to some other day when I'll have to plan to go and get these annoying hairs cut out of my face. Argh. That 'argh' wasn't really vocal it was more just typed and sort of subdued in the literary sense. ... Not that that phrasing makes much sense.
Sometimes it takes a while to get all the render and lighting settings just right. By the way that is the same ball you saw from above. This image came after several other tries. Blotchy and too dark. Notice the light leaks in the lower right and corner. (Those light spots in the shawdow) I'm slowly teaching myself how to render the images nicer. Still no caustics though.

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