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Embrace the Problem

October 23, 2006 Monday 10:04 PM Embrace the Problem

It's funny how I strive to always be prepared
for everything a long time in advance, and yet....
one professor decides to force me to produce a 10
min presentation by tomorrow by assigning it today.
That hurts.
The claim? "Oh yeah, it's like real world experience."
Sure. That doesn't make it right you know.
Besides, I'm not really aiming to be 'unemployed' so much
as I am aiming to do the 'employing'.

Hence, the meetings I set up this week. So that progress
would be encouraged to occur. 

... in other news.

I noticed a female from across the room smile at
me when I made eye contact with her. I prob. wouldn't
have noted it had it not been for all that flirting
research I did in that guide. 

I'm becoming far to distracted with these sorts of things.
But.. that little moment made me feel better.

Good to know some things can still do that. 

12:08 AM the next day

Every-time I get discouraged these days I think about
embracing rather than running from my problems. 
It is only in the embrace that I may resolve them.
Be in the trenches when under fire in life.

Be prepared rather than sorry.

The only time I've had to give a last minate presentation
was when the professor forces it on me.
I wish myself good luck tomorrow.

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