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Eventful Day

October 26, 2006 Thursday 2:20 PM Eventful Day

Render Progression

You know, there are only like 3 tutorials that tell me anything about what I want to know. And nothing could save me from the inevitable decline in quality that occurred as I tried to render a caustic. (you know a caustic ) Not bad with the subtle shadows. Maybe if I work at it I can get that lighty thingy. Now, that looks more promising. mmm I'm getting excited. I might actully get what I want. Um... Not quite... This isn't really working. I guess I lost focus and just randomly made everything reflective. Drat. What the heck? Aww Forget.
Well, I think it is. I think Thursday could be the filming day. I note how easy it is to stow the extra stuff behind my seat in Psychology.. then I can go about capturing what I need in various places. Though I did shy away from some things I was bold in others. I made sure to speak with the Psychology professor rather than spring a camera onto him. I think it's best to be polite and I realized after deciding to walk away from the chief filming thing.. that it would be best to have my consent papers ready as well as an explanation regarding them. I need to produce a card. A paper to be signed maybe a carbon copy slip. And I would like to go a step further and get an outline of the agreed filming schedule. I don't want to be bound by an outline but I want there to be some agreed upon 'this is what the idea was at the time' So we know later. I want to fight the whole Michael Moore Bias where people think any guy with a camera is out to 'rub' someone out. I think the best way is to be open and honest about all objectives. ... Another moment of the day I noticed a student with a vocal tic. And after a while of debate with myself I decided to go over and ask whether or not they had tourettes.... and I did. I had to know. Her name was Chelse (spelling?) and she is the second person I've ever met with tourettes. (Amanda V. was the first.) I remembering being sort of dizzy and not believing I was actually asking her. It felt so un real but I did. And after first she was like.. "oh" But then I quickly mentioned that I had tourettes too and that I was delighted to meet another TS person. .... 5:59 PM I realize I have to get better looking renders in order to really attract attention to my blender lessons. So, I've been experimenting with the light settings for the last hour and 'sort of' getting somewhere. .. sort of. 7:36 PM (after the render snafus) How did I come up with that? in response to a comment. I'm not sure I fully understand everything in the comment. Mostly, I took away the "phase plane" term and looked it up. Interesting. I also noted the statement, "mathematical thinking is a deeply personal matter" I wondered how the common folk would react to that statement. But mostly I was caught by the beginning. "It appears that what you have done is a rediscovery of an object called "phase plane". If never encountered this construction before, you have made indeed a remarkable jump of imagination." Thanks. I like to make my imagination jump. It's nice to have people notice those mathematical thoughts. I know a lot of people whom find them and skim over them. Anyway, blaw.


Viannah said...

well, if it makes you feel better (and because it's true) your unsatifactory final product red-cube thingy is very pretty... and it's much better than I could ever do.

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know, I did in fact read the entire bit about the trains. It was interesting to me, but more because I was reading something that felt like Italian... close to a language I am familiar with, but not close enough for me to get it... Look, we can't all be genious.


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