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The Halloween Samba

October 31, 2006 Tuesday The Halloween Samba

Well there were not tricks or treats.. but I did spend half the day with a head band and a painted on mustache. And then after my final class of the day ended around 7pm I danced (the kind with real steps and rules) with females until 12 or so and couldn't stand up nor speak because I had lost my voice. Course, it wasn't exactly Halloween related.. it was fun. And it took my mind off of things. .... I know I was thinking a lot through out the day. And I know I was going to forget it by the time I got to type here. ... It's a shame really. I took a psychology test early on. I worked out a new short hand for my geometric proving and rough sketches of mathematical ideas. I found some new ways to solve for an only angle bisector problem. I got frustrated over problems playing a DVD while in the library. I tended a SE class that didn't actualy occur.... blaw. My chest hurts from pedaling back in a rush. The fact that my chest hurts from time to time is the scarest thing I can think of for myself this Halloween. ... Often through out the day I would stare off and imagine seeing the 3D objects emerge from my imagination and dance before me.... they don't yet. but I imagine making the movie where I describe how no one can see what I see... but in this form I could at least show what it's like to constantly be imagining things all the time. Things to work on, things to explore, things to create, thinks to do. All of it. ...

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