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HB Joy

October 27, 2006 Friday HB Joy

Happy Birthday.

4:21 PM I must have felt grateful. The way I sat down on that bench in the middle of Founders Hall Courtyard. Great sitting location by the way. The wooden boards ease in a little and it fits more like a ridged hammock than a wooden bench. It was a college thing to do. I admit. But it felt great to be there with my freshly bought Cliff Notes Book and the quite calmness that only comes when one is sitting in a tranquil courtyard. I laid back a bit letting my head fall back to watch the perfect blue sky through the thinly laid branches above me. I smiled spontaneously while completely engulfed in this little moment of 'now' that I found myself in. It was one of those moments that begs to be remembered. It was one of those moments that gets burned into the memory as a delightful 'things-were-better-then' sort of memory. So vivid, and alive and yet it was only for a moment. I enjoyed the fact that I had the opportunity to be there. By 'there' I mean college and in freedom to think. The Social Sciences area D has explained quite a bit about struggle and freedoms.. and while I know not what the future is to bring I knew that at that moment all the possilibite felt open. I felt content with my skill set at that moment. I felt I had the capcity or could soon have the capcity to take a shot at living the life I always wanted to live. Regardless, to how it might turn out, I was enjoying that moment of sureness that I so rarely ever feel. The courtyard it quickly becoming a favorite spot for me the same way the swing set was in elementary. A place where I was free and the world was that thing at arms reach and that feeling of fun and excitment. ... Today, I do not live in the same world. This is why I revel in those fleeting moments like the one I described. It is in those moments when I'm finally really myself. The guy I always once was still exists somewhere. Times just need to change enough for him to come back. And I would welcome that 'me' with open arms if it were to happen. It would be coming home to where home should have always been. But I'll have none of that now. This is why the smile caught me off guard. Genearly, I'm imaginging things as though played out in movies. And so every action is audience based I suppose. But when I smiled right then... it was me. Not an act, just a smile.

"Not an act, just a smile"

Though it woudl soon grow cold out there, and I would have to retire to some ofther location much less sacred.... it wouldn't be long before my thoughts return to that place. As they always will... whenever I'm free to be me. ................................................ Collective Book There is a lincense that allows for people to share and modify a piece of work. And I wondered.. about starting a book under such a lincesn and encourge everyone to modify it... I imagined a core story preesented in the first version... and then subseqent tales would follow whatever any authoers cared to write in.. like alternate story paths etc. And I started thinking about the managment logistics. svn and such. And writing guidelines the same way they have guidelines in open source projects.... I noted the alure of starting something that lives on long after I put it down.... I think that's the beauty of the open source mentality. Literary AI I was fascinated by the idea of taking apart a book on as many levels as possilbe without getting into metaphors or symbolisms. I started to think about some future possiblity where a machine could decoded the book on all the different levels. And then I would quickly remind myself of the troubles of word net. .... a single workd doesn't lump itself directly into a catogry but spreads amoung many depending on usuage. It's annoying really, and it's why I put down one of my program ideas a while back. svn script Script writing? Sounds like those writers could benefity from svn. I thought about putting the two together. Since I take it most writer types are not familar with sub-versioning management it might be intersring to combine them in order to give a new writing collaborative tool... 8:16 PM Ugh. I felt a bit sick. And the last thing I wanted to be was cold and sick. .... So I came home after spending time at 'her' place. Really, good dinner though. Really.

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