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Idyllic Thoughts and LPS

October 21, 2006 Saturday 11:17 AM Idyllic Thoughts and LPS
And a pretty picture I did of marbles.

Shrimp on Treadmill Coffey found this and showed me.. but then I found it on youtube and I was impressed that it wound up there. ... well not really but the fact she pointed it out to be 'before' it was on the tube made it even specialer. I wonder if I should start a spreadsheet of entries? I could always link off to them... mmmm. 11:55 AM The day Microsoft falls might be a good one but people won't realize it at the time. Why dot doc is Dumb in my opinion. Remember, you can't fight free. 12:25 PM Democracy of Taste? I vote yum. Ted Gladwell's Talk 7:14 PM Gotta get those thoughts in before homework comes.. LPS Local Positioning System I was with a friend at the Foot ball game. (I never intend to go see games I just happen to accompany my friend whom has to work at ticket examination) Regardless, she asks me to just say what's on my mind. You the the things... that voice in your head that keeps jumping from one thought to another. She basically encourages me to speak out loud the stuff I only whisper to myself. And the result? I spoke of everything from GPS to Parlor Math and why I'd like to solve the Restaurant problem. I even got into reasons for solving some math problems over others. And a test of a prank to stop a cell phone from recieving signals by placing it in a aluminum wrapped container. (It would be a prelude to wrapping an entire room in a house in foil to achieve radio silence.) But the thing I thought was worth coming back to was the LPS. You've heard of GPS right? If not heres a neat Neat Looking Page explaining it I gave a rough analogy to my friend explaining that it works a bit like the way your ears work.. well more like the fact that you have two of them. Sound traveling from a source hits one ear before the other and your brain translates the information into, "hey, someone's calling my name from over there" More or less, GPS works something like that.... only the GPS receiver attempts to identify the difference in time it receives different radio signals from satellites. But instead of wanting to know where the sound comes from it wants to know where it is. (See the similarity?) the technology works wonders for so many things... I was always curious at how I could shrink it down to put it to work for micro-machines. I have a thing for nano-tech. I always want to work out some theories that could help put it to work but I never quite know where to start. Anyway, my mouth would water at the possibly of having something like GPS but for millions of very small things. You see, if you could find out position data (the x,y,z's) of a million little scattered trackers you could pull off some very cool things. Want a 3D model of _______ ? Just rub on this paste and like magic it appears on the computer screen in full 3D with very very good resolution. Stuff like that... and more. ... So, I would tend to ponder whether or not it would be feasible to pull of the same sort of idea on such a small scale. .... That's where the problems kick in... well the ones I can see. GPS relies on very very accurate timing. GPS is basically a bunch of clocks in space that are all marching in time to each other. (This way a subject can detect the diff. in signals they emit and know that that difference comes NOT from the clocks but from their position relative to them) The thing about it is that you have to take Einstein's Relativity into account (you know Relativity relating to GPS) Without these theories GPS wouldn't work. (time bends you know) And that bending would through off the march.. it would be like if every marcher in a band had a diff. metronome depending on their distance from the conductor... geesh. That's not a pleasant picture. Regardless, it sounds like all the precision is going to be a problem the closer together you make your emitters and receivers. As in the time diff between two signals is going to get smaller and smaller and may become difficult to detect. ... Though I'm not very knowledgeable in detection of slight difference in timing I know that experiments that require high temporal precision can utilize a laser splitter and bring the beam back together to note the diffraction pattern. (roughly, if a perfect beam of light is split and then gets shifted somehow ... eh something like this) And that sort of process is VERY sensitive to differences of the sort I care about. But what remains is whether or not there exists a system that can be miniaturize to micro scales and used on a local level to carry out the same positional I really don't want to rely on satellites way out in space. (For one they could get destroyed during a solar storm.) And two, I want everything to be lab friendly. I suppose, another way I pondered was to have a box of themes little machines and tell one of the bots that it is the origin. Then have them do sort of a roll call. ie. "You to my left will be point (1,0) you to my right will be (-1,0) and pass it on with incremenation) Theoretically, if each device get reporting back local coordinates then some fuzzy picture of what was going on could be produced by the whole system. Though I worry about chaos effects and accuracy. ... least it's a way if the whole time detection thing can't be miniaturized. .... Phew, all that writing about ideas makes me feel a bit like Arthur C. Clarke and his space elevator gig. .. eh maybe that's being to egoish. I have no idea at the moment who has thought about this sort of thing so far. I don't even think I got to the Parlor Math or Restaurant problem nor the social reasons to pursue some mathematics over others. ...... Man, there were so many insects hitting me in the face while I rode my bike today. They saturate the sky's of Arcata.. I wondered why I didn't spot any bats on my way back. They would be having a feast right about this time of year I suppose. It was surprisingly warm out while I rode today. It reminded me of home and if I didn't have that large paper to write I prob. would have let the feeling engulf me. .. but sadly no. Instead, it stayed at the back of the mind while my senses enjoyed the warmth for once. Idyllic I'd call it. It was an idyllic ride. ... 8:01 PM Hey I like the space elevator.. It's like a cable to heaven or thems old I'll throw a rope up and climb it and never come down.. yeah, JUST like that. 50 min writing


Viannah said...

ooooooh. I like the marbles. They look real... except they're floating.

Sirhc Senots said...

Yeah, I was delighted to get an image like this. Haven't tried to in a while. I love the gloss they have.

Anonymous said...
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