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I'm Tired Audio:Journal Effect

October 17, 2006 Tuesday 7:54 PM I'm Tired Audio:Journal Effect

Audio: Some Journal Effects

Listen 4 min 58 sec mp3 I talk about the journal effect and capture a moment when I actually forgot what i was going to say and then remember like a minate later. It's weird to have that on tape. I jogged my memory by acting excited again and I did it. I remembed it.
I may not be eyes-closed tired. But I am tired of something. I'm tired of the 'mean' spirted folk I'm subjected to. I'm tired of being sanded down by educational projects. I'm tired of getting up to go out and 'do it'. I'm tired of forcing myself to get from here to there. I'm tired of the same old concerns and worries. I'm tired of searching for words where I can find none. I'm tired of the huge lists of things to write building up. I'm tired of the fact I haven't done what I intended to do. I'm tired of the journal entires from 2001 in which my heart was broken beyond repair. Even 5 years later it hurts. I'm tired of feeling bad for not posting movies. I stopped checking the site stats and turned away from the web for a long deal of time. I want to be responsive but I can't really force it nor can I contribute so much time to the endeaver. It doesn't mean I don't think a lot about the comments people make. I'm tired of not getting my ideas out there in all their forms. I'm tired of thinking about the work I 'should' be doing. I'm tired of my internet connection failing on me. .... So what will I do now?
[There 'would' be an image here if ccPublisher actually worked] That's it. I'm going to take it upon myself and get the code and fix this dang thing. It's driving me crazy. Sometimes I screen shot the journal text and fold them into shapes. This image dates back to around Thanksgiving break 2005.

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