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October 29, 2006 11:00 AM Sunday Laying

I awoke this morning from hazy thoughts of how many ways to
do circles in Blender. I decided to just get up and do them to 

I could evenn take a circle and fill it in with grid squares. 

All the advantages and disadvantages aren't readilly apparent until you render 
them with SetSmooth and SubSurf. (see below)

11:00 AM It's easy to make sure to do a little work in Blender everyday and just post the images from it. It's the same with writing in a way... since I always know I can do it everyday despite time constraints and it adds something extra to the page. 6:33 PM Well, I did it. The paper I mean. And mostly things required are done. Except for the SE project which still demands a huge amount of work and probabily isn't really organized for it. That's what makes it a bigger headache than it has to be. I got back in after my outting to print and to gather food in which I ate while numbing my sensibilities infront of the screen. I took a brieff snooze and awoke from a sleepless sleep to recline in the cozy warmth of my freshly heated room. (I always note the warmth because I know it costs 13 cents per degree per hour to keep it that way) So I indulge from time to time espacialy since I was exposed to a sick person this weekend and want to stay well enough to take my tests this week. Hence, why I drank all that water as well. ... Laying But while I laid down in the dark listening to the sound of my own thoughts I noted how I felt. ... It was faint really. A faint feeling of longing to be elsewhere. Perhaps, to walk gracefully through an aging memory and to be swiftly wrapped up in feelings that were once had but had been lost to all but the fainted memory of their existence. I wondered if I really longed to be back there as I watched my memories shift past. I wondered what it was at this point in my life that makes me want to stop it all and rewind. Could it be that I stare off into my own destiny and am slightly disgusted by what I see? I note the ways in which I do not attend the parties that other people do. I note how I have not taken in the festive spirit of October in all it's Halloweenish glory. I note the trouble I have with feelings of independence under rule. There can be no independence while under rule. So I am troubled. All while I lay back trying to stay warm in a room that quickly dampens with the cold that comes in from the glass sliding doors. The thoughts of 'what to do' beckon me at all hours of my life.. but it that point, while I lay, they were merely whispers clamoring to get me to rise and take on the world once more. Was I about to honor them? Was I about to answer them? Value them? No, at least not for a another few moments. ... ... ... I'm quickly forgetting what I was thinking about regardless. It's best to move on I suppose.
Differences in between extruded circles from above with SetSmooth enabled. Now SubSurf and Set Smooth enabled. The Cylinder Version and the converted Bez Circle have the most problems.

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