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October 10, 2006 Tuesday 1:49 PM Life Timeline

I awoke from a night of little sleep with an idea.
I should be grateful. I normally don't get up so well
after only a few hours of sleep unless I'm thinking of
I roll over and sit up thinking about it. 


It was about the journal. Or more or less how it's changed and the
fact I started it in 1999 which meant that only after that point do
I start really keeping track. And it makes me think about 
all those years before it. The pre journal years.
 I muse about how I could split my life with Before Journal and
After Journal. BJ and AJ And place a zero on my own life timeline.
And I realize just how foggy the past all is. 
It's almost as though my real life span (so far) goes back only a approx.
7 years.
So, I'm 22 and really I've only come to to full awareness and data sampling
with in the last 7 of those years. Prob, more like 6. 

So I note this and before I go off to take my test I write a note to 
remind myself I must evaluate the previous data while re organizing and 
store the new data of which there is a lot more of.

The journal began as text. It began flat. After that first summer
there were large gaps and I have memories of writing about other memories
but can't wade through all the material. I suppose if someone else did they
could inform me of my own life better than I. 
But the real message I ascertain for myself is that I need to decide
what I really want to track so that I can produce the maximum efficiency
in living and thinking. 

I note the old journal. I note my begining attempts to capture image data
but they can scrambled up when I tried to insert the images into the text.

Now, more in the last few months. (not even a year) I'm gathering so much
new material in text, audio, video and sample work that I need to spend
a considerably more time saving and organizing. 

My hard-drive of 250 GB has filled up and I can't install a new version of
a compiler until I clean out the old files.
And what do I mean by clean? 
I hesitate to simply delete for that would defeat the purpose of saving.
more or less when I re watch old clips and re write old writings I 
get re inspired and decide the best way to save the data is to remix
the samples into new projects so that they live in an easier to digest
edited form. 

I see times when I built stuff in lab. I see guitar playing and oscilloscopes.
I see my old town and the last footage I shot of it. 


And then I turn to the technicalities of storage.
I want to keep the work safe. I note that in this age it's possible
to prevent a fire from ruining your life's work.
And I speculate that it might be a good idea to convert the most
treasured data into a format that I could ask others to hang on to
so that if something ever happened I could pick up where i left off.

It's quite a job to filter and secure things, but if I really believe
in it then it's well worth the effort.

7:03 PM

I think the idea came to me when I was waking up from a nap
today. I knew that the next thing to do in that old audio
project was to test sine data to see if I could determine that it
it in fact WAS audio data... and then I realized I didn't need
to do any fancy graphical thing. I could just print out to text.
And so it was a quick addition of another function and I saw
what looked like the expected slope. 

Though I'm at a loss to explain the sudden jumps... it's mostly
how I thought it would be. So... my program seems to work.

11:14 PM
I've spent most of the night writing a paper so I'll have to 
focus on that and just post this anyway.

Audio: Shawn gets his Computer I narrate as Shawn gets his new computer home. Listen 4 min ish

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