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Mov: The Giftrix Backstage

October 2, 2006 Monday 1:43 AM Mov: The Giftrix Backstage

The Giftrix Backstage
Aww I shouldn't have added that sound file. The background music is not the best choice but I already rendered the project with it in it. Oh well, this is the behind the scenes at the making of the Giftrix Movie. A movie I made for my friends birthday last year.

"if the things I was scared of only came about around Halloween I wouldn't have a problem. But they are sort of year round these days"

I wish there was a place .... like website that just had the answers. Like what is really going to happen in the world and what should I do? I wish that I could search and find that information just as easily as any other kind of research. I wish a page like that existed and was out there to be found. Then all the uncertainty would disappear and I could finally rest easy. It's hard to concentrate while knowing the state of the world. ... Really. While the rest of the world has gone crazy it's good to know that I'm in a place that upholds the rights of its people and will challenge all those whom oppose those rights. City ORDINANCE NO. 1339 10:00PM If I was to make a list of interesting things about today. I'd do it. And I will. 1 Noticed a 3D Animation Job It was brought to my attention during the day, and I walked through the Art building looking for a flyer Louis had recommenced to me. 15 hrs a week at 9 dollars/hr Why that's almost 400 a month. Food money.... mmmm 2 Citizen Media Net I noticed something else on the wall. It was a poster promoting a new organization that is trying to get off the ground. It's just starting up and though I could say looks like it needs a lot of work it's nice to know efforts are being made. 3 The Helpful Chris I walked into the computer lab on the third floor of the library and found someone struggling to open an attachment. They had e mailed themselves a doc file and the computer wasn't recognizing it. And another person attempting to help them couldn't get it to work... so I stepped up. And I solved the problem. It's good to help when I know exactly what to do. 4 Fighting the Crooked Voting System I over heard the John's talking about something before Telecom and found out that they were talking about winning the 25000 dollars in order to fight the crooked machine voting problem. As soon as they mentioned Open Source I was like.. Yes! That is an answer. It sounded like something I wanted to be in touch with and I figured John K. was someone to interview for a movie later. Well, that's a lot of things. So having them all just circling about in my head made the day seem like it had a lot of little things too it.

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Eternal Sunshine said...

i like your blog. the rambles of thought. the inconsistency. the video which bridges blog with vlog.
don't stop!

everyone and their mom has a blog and a lot of it is painful to read. but yours gives me a warm feeling that maybe, just maybe, if i keep reading blogs i'll find that worth while needle in the pile of crappily written hay.

i don't think crappily is a word.


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