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Mov: The Giftrix Revisited

October 1, 2006 Sunday 3:30 PM Mov: The Giftrix Revisited

The Giftrix (A Look Back)
And now for a look back at The Giftrix a movie I made to give a friend a gift. It had a 3 page script. It utilized Blender for effects and took 3 days to make along with 6.5 hours of post.
Technial problems can be so painful. Least I finally got the VisGiftrixScript.pdf 1Mb to upload. Now it can be seen. Brief NOTES on Ideas The Digital Abacus There was a lot of thinking going on. I was reclining feeling on my bed while feeling tired and trying to decide whether or not to go to sleep... when I rolled over and started fingering the beads of my new abacus. And I thought. I thought about data representation. I thought about computer simulations. I thought about rules and programs CG and animations. Needless to say I perked up and was soon madly pacing back and forth across my room. The Abacus. It was perfect for a Computer Science Example. I jotted notes down on my white board. I had so many ideas I knew I was bound to forget most of them if I didn't keep track. I may as well disjunct-ly copy the ideas down here. First, I thought about the why I would want to represent the data an Abacus holds. Should I program objects with digits? Or could I have a 7 row by 14 column boolean array? The array would work better for applying the basic rules and coming up with the state of the abacus at one bead difference at a time. This would make animation easier. The ideas for how to represent the Abacus change the way one would use it in the future. If I know I want to animate the abacus I want to pick a data representation that makes it easy to pull out the information I need. I can split the task of manipulating and visualization. I can work out the rules and then place function hooks for graphical interfaces. it reminds me of the nodes project. I did the same thing.. Only now... I'll be able to leverage the power of Blender in order to really make that Abacus dance. Once the data is abstracted off of the physical real life abacus it can be handled and worked with in so many ways. for one thing... simulations are capable of cheating. If I had a program that displayed digits on the abacus but didn't obey any of it's rules I could merely write a program that calculated the digits on the side and just displayed them. But that wouldn't be fun nor allow me to animate. Rather, I would work out the rules on a boolean representation of the abacus and figure out exactly what is going on in order to create a very cool mock up of a digital version in the computer. Once in the computer world it could be infinitely long. or I could have it covering a wall next to me. Or I could have abacuses of abacuses. I could giant spiral abacuses and ones that glow or are made of glass.... I could even discuss a different sort of simulation for a different sort of reason. Perhaps a physics version that would demonstrate how an abacus would shatter. It's all possible. I like making an example out of the abacus because it's a good representation of how memory is stored in the computer. You could even work in binary with it. Same exact stuff. The Dismantling of the Gossip Machine It could be done. Least if all data was available to everyone. This was one of the ideas I pondered while contemplating another idea. .. 6:41 PM .. embarrassed. Well you know how you think you know someones name... and you call them by it. And then they sternly correct you. And then I felt bad. I didn't need that. I was sorry. Very sorry.

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