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October 12, 2006

October 12, 2006 Thursday 11:24 PM
That was fun though. I didn't really feel like
staying in when I got back.. so I found myself
practicing my speech at the Redwood house. 

And I had fun and helped with things as well.

Though I currently read in the news about N. Korea
I wonder from time to time about a world that seems
to be slipping away. And concerns about the
academic work fade as fast as they come when I 
see the greater pictures... that hang from
the ceiling of life's long experience.

I'll trudge forward with blind eyes towards 
menacing world events. But not entirely against
issues I might have ways of fighting.

I might say that,
It's been my life's ambition to make a place
for myself where everything is taken care of
and I don't have to watch the world to know 
it or care.

It's the longing for that place that drives
me to understand how things work so that I 
may make them work for me. 

I'll make my final valiant attempts
regardless. I could do no less.

Could I?

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