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October 16, 2006

October 16, 2006 Monday 6:36 PM
I sat and watched a video in the library.
And then I walked home slowly while cupping my hands
infront of me. My jacket was draped across my shoulders
as I strolled back home along a freshly rain cleaned road,
while cars brushed past the sunsetting on the clouds.
It was simply beatufiul and I lingered along thinking
of many things. 
My thoughts weren't really about the scenerey as they were about
society and the video I had just seen.

Issues of today have to be faced.
Running away is accepting defeat before defeat is
really nesccary. 

And I think, I can at least, if nothing else,
make a point to the world in my small way.
I could put the pieces of the simulation together...
figure out what could be done or what is changing
and demonstrate a way out of the mess.

If nothing else I could try that. 

I'm reminded of the foundation series.
Isaac Asimov  and the Seldon Crisis.
The Video reminded me of those things.

Aside now, I see confrontations in my future.
Am I ready to face them?

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