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October 9, 2006

October 9, 2006 Monday 6:37 PM

I did help Christine. The one from Communications class.
I've been proud to help so many people lately.. well actually
like about 4. But still... I felt I made a difference in their
life for a little bit.

I walk to Subway on my way home and find Kass N. there. 
Since, last e mail communication there was talk of getting
to hang out or something. But after I started going back
to subway I never saw her. And today I just happened to 
find her. And they had just baked cookies which were really
really tasty. 
This meant I was eating them while walking home. I couldn't
let the warmth leave them so I had to.

== notes from lab
Writing is the foot print of the Mind

It's where ideas first hit reality.

Where Ideas First Hit Reality
- It's easier to talk about new ideas.
  Then it's easier to write about new ideas.
  Then it's easier to audio chat about new ideas
  Then movie make
  Then change minds about new ideas
  Then act on new ideas.

On Wings of Words
- If I were to die. My essecnese, that was once I, would
be carried on wings of words into the future.
Perputialy error correcting their way into the future.
On magnetic encodinga and in the flesh of text.

T-Shirt idea :  Idea Matters

What about that printer queve screen idea? 
I stood there thinking about it. 

Why aren't the long streches of highway unsolar powered?
Couldn't that keep vechiles powered?
And the downhill roller coaser effect? Why isn't that utilized?
Well, that one is a bit far out I suppose.

Ze Frank is on TED? no way! Is it really the same guy? Really? I'm not sure. Look for him.

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