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October 3, 2006 11:58 PM The Pages of my Life

=== INSERTED from Writing the the Lab
3:33 PM
A Person in Mathematical Distress is having problems
with MATH 108 I'm told it's about logical reasoning.
I explained I didn't have time for hour meetings but
would be open for questions.

I agreed to help 2 females with research at
12 pm in the library lounge on Friday.
I just need to show them how to find peer reviewed
articles and how to perform searches with the library
Something I've become quite acquainted with after
SE and now Telecom has more of the same thing.
So writing writing writing...
but it's the wrong kind of writing. The kind of
writing that is forced. The kind of writing that comes
not from the motivation of pure thought and reflectivity
but from the academic push. The worse sort of motivation
that forces those error prone conclusions and hypotheticals.

I'm spreading out more in the next papers. Including some
observations and non 'peer reviewed' material. I might
have to write a letter about 'peer review' And the, "Who is They?"
syndrome academia finds itself in.
But that's pretty bold. It's too bad I can't write what I
would like to with things hanging above my head. That's why
today is sort of 'catch up with the writing day'
At least I think I know what to do in order to pull it all
The only good part about  having 3 papers due plus a presentation
and a test is that the papers can be done long before the due date.
... That's possible. But it takes a considerable amount of
Do I have it?

I hope so.

Hey I managed to see Powell while out with Jackie at the
food place. I mentioned that I haven't forgotten about the
philosophy promotion I spoke just a tiny bit about.


5:12 PM
I'm all set to come home by 5 and call this fellow about the
chemistry job and then... I get to thinking.... eh I really don't
have time for this. What would I say? What would I ask? I can 
afford to wait a little longer to pull of other things. 
15 hrs is large chunk out of a week that is growing smaller and
smaller already. So... I gradually change my mind. Though I think
I just wanted to ask what the work entitled. Perhaps, someone has
already filled the bill regardless. But .... I could call anyway.

11:59 PM The Reminisce

I ready passages from the psychology book while
growing tired. I slumped over and closed my eyes.
I could watch myself feeling tired. I could feel my
mind go in and out of reality for a few minates.
I could feel the punctuation of ideas come and go.
It was only 10 or 20 minates and I opened my eyes.
Real sleep had not really occurred. 
Not that I know of. But I was more awake and yet
more relaxed. 
Images of the day passed before me. 

After walking with Jackie I stopped in a mexican
Restaurant and read over notes while waiting for
my order. I had my digital camera with me.
(I hadn't had it on me for a while) And I collected
some image data. I watched as the steam rose off
the burrito. I watched as the grey clouds shed water
over Arcata. The rainy season was beginning, and that
makes biking choices harder to make. 
Least I have new shoes.

I had a feeling that the waiter was rushing me out.
He was insistent. So I left. 

And the day had thoughts. Lots of them.
But I fail to remember them while I'm here.

I think about the kind of things I'd put in my journal.
And I note the uselessness of lots of event stuff.
And wonder whether or not to turn over toward thought records
instead. For they seem like the things I note most when I re-read
the pages of my life.

I was watching water ripples bend light in puddles and how the power lines
fluctuated as a result... and Jackie walked by. So I started to walk
with her. And that's that.

Burrito. You have to specify each ingredient to get exactly
what you want. Note the stream rising off the thing. It's not
that hot but the atmospheric conditions are good for steam

Oh yeah, make sure you get a good look at what your about
to eat. I'm always getting reverse shots when I go out places.
It's part of the movie making reflex.

This is the logo as it has evolved from since that logo movie.

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