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Past my Post Time Audio:Jon K.

October 6, 2006 Past my Post Time Audio:Jon K.

Audio: Jon Speaks Voting Integrity

Listen mp3 5min 14sec Jon Koriagin speaks about the 'report' on irregularities in the voting system of America. See the text further down in this post for more information.
Late at Night Though I'm afraid of what I read in the news these days I managed to get ubuntu working on the iMac G3. Man, events in the world make me feel stressed. Like what is all this studying for if things go really wrong? It's hard to concentrate sometimes. LATER It's past my post time yet, I shall still write a bit. I delight in getting little clips... but mostly I enjoyed being helpful. I helped people today. I helped some females from Comm class find articles for their communication reports. And they did find articles. I went to political science and there was a presenation by Demorcracy Unlimited. I found it particularly interesting to hear about the local currency. When all else fails there is always communitis to fall back on. There's all kinds of political activism ideas running around my brain lately. Though I had other meetings during the day and someone made me really mad... I managed to attend a sparse meeting with John T. Carter and Jon Koriagin. Jon Koriagin - I have to hand it to Jon. He's sharp enough to keep up with issues as well as smart enough AND daring enough to demand change from them. John T. Carter - a fellow I met my first year of college. You know it's hard not to meet him. He's very active in the community and welcoming as well as supportive and concerned about student issues and political activism. I'm there too. We talk about a proposal to Open Source Voting machine technology and halt crooked voting procedures once and for all. ... I don't know how much I want to mention at this moment because it's not really 'my' project in the sense but it's clear that when I'm better read on the subjects discussed I'll talk more about it. It's just important to note this was the first day we all came together to discuss... though the meeting was origianly to get more people aware of the issues and involded. I think some sort of promo movie that can be passed around as a link is what is needed to generate interest in the project. I recall really wanting to be involded after overhearing a discussiong about voting integrty and the corruption there of and then hearing the words 'open source' And I thought... YES. I think I yelled it when I confirmed that was what they were talking about. I think it's the right technology for the right reasons and the best possible use of that sort of licensing. Jon holds up the report. Close up of the Report The text is also available as a pdf document on line.. Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff Too bad the press doesn't seem interested in 'pressing' these concerns in this 'democracy' or whatever is left of it. This is what vlogging, blogging and the new media channels ought to press. The stuff that the press isn't pressing.

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Anthony said...

Interesting subject. This is also an issue in Europe. Electronic voting has been very controversial. I think every country wants to have electronic voting because it appears to be the logical next step. But, as Ireland and The Netherlands have recently confirmed, it is far too open to possible corruption.

As far as worrying about stuff in the news... don't. The news makes it's money by drawing audiances. I'm not a conspirency nut. It's just, everything is relative. You could think... damn, that nuclear plant could go next, or those terrorists could target my city, or that mad gun man might attack my college... but, there's nothing good that can come from thinking that way. George Orwell wrote a great paranoid fuelled fiction piece called "1984", that was very well placed on playing on peoples fear of the time of writing (after world war II) but it ended up been fiction. There are over 6 billion people on this planet... the most dramtic occurances end up on the news. But every day, good people do good things. They don't make the news. But the sucide bombs do, or the major flood does. These things do happen, but they are not the norm on most parts of this earth. Live your life without worrying about "what if". Becuase if you do, I always think, you'll end up eventually on your death bed thinking... damn, I spent the best years of my life worrying about "what if" instead of making the most of every moment. Your health is your wealth... look after that man, and everything else falls into perspective.



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