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Premature Post

October 11, 2006 Wednesday 3:53 PM Premature Post
I was going to do the work.. but I got distracted.
With Jealous static. Not that I meant to.
It just happens sometimes. And it's not that bad...
or at least I tell myself that and shove the feelings
aside as best as I can. 
It's not like I don't understand the situation.. but it
also most be accepted that this is the natural order
of things regardless.
So what if I didn't get to read my articles when I wanted
to. The situation just chagned the 'when I wanted to' to 

Still... that feeling is so familar. ...

-very later

Between shore and sea I find myself. 
If relationships are the waves sometimes rolling
and sometimes quiet then the land is firm solid
single ground. And I stand in the middle debating
wheather or not to swim. 
It seems like too much trouble. I thought.
It seems like it's better to walk along the 
shore rather than... 

I have so much to write.. but being so tired and having
to deal with other matters makes it impossible.

So... a post is still a post even thought it's premature.

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