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Social Dynamics

October 18, 2006 Wednesday 5:30 PM Social Dynamics

I would pause to call it social dynamics.
People meet people. Sometimes I facilitate.
Then the progression of events makes it apparent
that someone needs help and I call upon the help of
others to make sure she gets it.

I dear friend of mine gave blood and I noted
that she was having trouble merely walking back
to her place. And so I realized it was imperative
that I get her a ride in order for her to go 
get her medicine. Though the person giving the
ride was made late for their meeting at least
my friend was okay. Least I did what I could and
really had to thank the ride giver.

But the whole people intermingling and the un written
rules and the hellos and the good byes lead the day
in a very interesting fashion. I was back and forth
suddenly going from here and there and helping this and
that and then back to write that it was alright.

It was good to know I made a difference today.
And the thing is, despite my back pain, it felt like I
was becoming a better person. More able to take on the 
challenges a day, (or life) has to offer. 

7:10 PM
It was a small victory to make tabs work with moodle code.
A big step in the right direction. I suppose the more I see
how it all works the better I'll feel about the project.

11:44 PM
I tried setting up a sirhcsenotsbot but they wanted a url.. and I didn't
know what to use.... yet.

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