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Subdued Animosity

October 24, 2006 Tuesday 8:46 PM Subdued Animosity

I think I liked the glossy ones better.

If I were to rate it. I would say today was a bad day. Or if not that, than a hard day at the least. From 12 to 8 and when not in class or preping for that presenation I had a a headache of a social day. Maybe, I should try and lay down and dream of those better times. Those days before all the world goes awry. And yet I have not made a moving picture debut in so long. But I careless these days with the weight of work on my head. ... 9:04 PM What does the statement, "Don't take life too seriously?" actually mean? What does it imply? Is it even advice that 'can' be taken? Eating is a serius business. I make sure to eat. That goes along with keeping myself warm, on time and handling my academic responsibilities. I've heard the statement before but I can't imagine what implementation really looks like. Is it, give a laugh when you can? Is it, don't fret the small detials? (I would gladly debate that one with you on a matter of induction) How bout, have a ball while you can. Again, this doesn't seem like advice that should even be taken seriously. In which case I would reply to, "don't take life too seriously." With "I'll start with that advice, and forget about it." Knowing that the statement generally comes up when someone is critiquing someone else for their stress and worry over issues frames the advice as a sort of 'calm down' Maybe, it means 'calm down' rather than change your degree of seriousness. I can take that advice. I can attempt to handle issues that come up with a degree of grace under fire. That's different. There are reasons why worry exists. It's part of the whole natural selection and it does quite a good job of motivting to improve your resliances to threats as well as focus on issues that need resolution. I wouldn't be so quick to discrimate on a feeling based on how 'good' it felt, but rather how benefical over all it has been. In which case, I make the simple acknowledgement that many people whom feel good and are content are also people whom have not doing quite a lot of things. Of course in life, doing a 'lot of things' is merely optional. I feel it gives me a sense of direction. And that is something I take very seriously.

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