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Swing and Miss Audio:LizChat

October 5, 2006 Thursday 3:46 PM Swing and Miss Audio:LizChat

Audio: Liz Chat

Liz Chat 3min 38 sec I walk and talk to Liz about her day observing in the classroom. She's going to be a teacher.
I finally got to go to sleep for a much needed nap today. I don't know how long it was but I do know I was having very very evasive dreams dreaming the time I was out. The campus was evacuated and I walked out of a room to find helicopters flying by with only a few people left over. Later in the dream there was this machine... kind of an odds and ends wooden and digital thing with metal globes the middle on one side of a room and there was something about time travel or teleportation or something. I note know that the colored text I saw running up it's screens was probably provided by my working with Linux late at night. For that was why I was up late to begin with. And the sleep deficit caught up to me. I wasn't fully asleep and felt paralyzed for parts of the dream so when I finally woke up it felt like a really long time and I had a slight headache. Now I"m hungry so I'll tend to that before class work. But man... that was strange. Again there was a large tornado in the distance. You should have seen the vividness of it all. 4:41 PM It must be a human trait that to solve problems that are not being solved. Though I don't always agree with Ze Franks sense of humor (or lang. use) I do applaud him for getting his messages across in creative and memorable ways. the show with zefrank: 10-05-06 He's dedicated to his craft. 6:18 PM I think I may have missed something. Like "did someone recognize me from the movies?" I never got the full story. But I wondered I realized I came off looking cold if that was the case. I just didn't understand. You know, it's been happing. The passing up things I mean. I think I messed up a few human encounters recently and now I feel bad. Like when you swing and you miss? Basically. 6:29 PM Hey, check out the Snarggles at Peerless Productions Peerless Productions Colin Levy does a real good job with his effects. Seeing what he does encouraged me to spend more time on mine. So I no longer think about rushing. Well, maybe a little. I watched the Did you know? movie and noted I haven't done enough text effects myself. The presentation of text and ideas can be very powerful. I should look into that. Though that reminds me of the other noteworthy one about the creative commons licensing scheme. The Moving image contest for Creative Commons had the Justin Cone movie that I admired way back when I first found out about Creative Commons licensees.

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