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Uncle Chris

October 15, 2006 Sunday 5:20 PM Uncle Chris

I was just told I'm going to be an uncle. 

There was also discussion of me being driven up
by Zach and Hillery. I mentioned that I was waiting
to see if Liz was going to be okay. 
It changes where I'm going to be and when.

9:58 PM
Despite feeling sick.
I got to help complete a video with Sadie so that she
could show her class tomorrow. 
I got paid for once and I felt much much better.
My rate is 10 dollars per video editing hour. 
And I was going to make the posters this weekend
but it's drawing to a close rapidly. 

but that uncle news was strange.
I spent much of the day trying to do many things
at once. And I guess it was getting to me.

TeleChatting with Shawn.

And Nora is over there.

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