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Mov: Finding Out

November 30, 2006 Thursday 2:44 AM Mov: Finding Out

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
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What do you do when your contacted by someone unknown through the internet? I don't know.
AS soon as my next test score comes in I'm doing a pysch. calculation to find out how much I need to make on the final to pass. I have 2 finals and a presenation ALL on one day of finals week. More things due after but if I work hard I'll finish those early. 7:28 PM I should do a movie. The first thing I look for when getting messaged by someone through myspace is... Do you exist? And What are you trying to sell me? Postable to Myspace I'm sure. 10:21 PM There was an intermission in this night. I danced around a bit then made and ate dinner and now I finished editing and am uploading files. A minute of movie isn't such a bad upload time. Though the file seems to be hanging... ack spoke too soon.


Efficiency challenge Mov: No Triangles

November 29, 2006 Wednesday 2:07 AM Efficiency challenge Mov: No Triangles

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally suports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I awoke this morning thinking about triangles in my mesh. That's not a good thing when modeling in Blender my favorite open source 3D modeling software platform. So, I get up experiment with ways to eliminate those pesky triangles. The result? This movie.
So, it would appear that I saw a 200% increase in site traffic after posting continuously for something like 9 days. (that means 17 visits) I get the feeling I just have to bit the 'time bullet' and post a movie everyday or else I'm going no where fast. I never want to say "hey I'm posting a video everyday" because I just can't make that promise. But I must say I've thought long and hard and my feelings towards video posting might just be changing. It's time to spend the extra 3 hours per night to add that extra cinematic touch to the journal. I'm getting better at managing the hard-drive space and if I can just flex myself into the right mindset I can be 'all there' for movie production. But on what? If I did it regularly I will probably bring more and more life influenced type of topics into the movies. For example, discussing just how much work I have to do for these final weeks. But I could always give it that extra flare. As in act like I'm a detective with a voice over talking about doing the research as though it was a case and I had to find the evidence. Stuff like that. Take the examples I find in my life and give a twist. It deserves it. It's best not to decide to be boring. I also think that I can really watch the evolution of everything that I work on. And think that will be rewarding. I can tune into the projects and keep them up so that I can retrace from beginning to end of the ideas and concepts and screen shots. (where is that dragon mesh going to wined up?) Speaking of next movies... there's always plenty of possibilities. I have CG Shuffle 4,5 and 6 ready to be edited and narrated. I have Shawn footage ready to be chopped up into An Intro to Shawn I could always pull out random clips and do a Super Static Rewind (those movies where I cut to many scattered interesting clips with static between them) Conducting Visuals is another 'how I make movies' movie. But I have yet to finish the project. There's also short script segments on Blender tips for zoom arounds and such. I could even pull out an older movie and commentate on it. I have a particular fondness for doing that. I like to pretend to be that 'guy' on the DVD whom recites stories about the making of process. I guess, the small accomplishment of posting a movie every day for several days made me feel good about myself for once. I need to keep doing it. It's my little place on the web. If I put enough of 'me' out there I'm bound to last for a while. ... Every-once in a while I think I'm out of ideas for How to's of movie making. And then I realize I never explained... What is white balancing? What is a codec? What is a buzz track? I contemplate doing something about programming but I don't know how to make that understandable and interesting without a considerable about of time investment. I also contemplate bringing up philosophy arguments. If you have read thus far your getting some sort of idea at the shear number and variety of things I'm always thinking of. it makes Chris World a very scattered place which is why I have to work much harder to focus in and complete tasks rather than jump around. I have a tendency to jump too much. 3:11 PM There is a reason for people to think. Really think. And I think that point should be hammered home. What is philosophy really? I want to prove it's something practical not airy as it's reputation claims. ... don't forget the open voting movement. I'll need to work on that too. I should prob. write and essay called "Why do 'you' matter?" I know what I can do. I was walking back from helping another friend with class work and thinking about society. I think I can see solutions. And I think I noted the most important thought was that there may be lots of time's where talking in person is the most ineffeicty use of the time. Where as something written and distributed can live on and effect much more. Aristotle is dead. But his words (or so we think) are still with us. I mused over the number of ways in which 'talking in person in real time' failed to live up to my Efficiency challenge. The thing my whole life is based on. Agreement on issue to discuss. The proper background in trained thinking. I listed off the number of ways it could go wrong. I have support but it requires prerequisites that I can not fully articulate to you. A series of problems and what exactly is the end product? Maybe just another headache. Agreement on the end product of the exchange. the very 'notion' of efficiency has some sort of resources that are used in the most effective way to produce some sort of outcome. So what is the outcome of the 'real time conversation'? I can only see it's utility as a aide in doing the real work which is getting the logical progression of thought out in text form or other manners of storage. It is only then, that the outcome is worth the effort and resource usage. 10:27 PM While I'm sure there 'is a reason' for everything. I do not yet believe that everything happens for a reason.


Nothing but Nose

November 28, 2006 Tuesday 11:08 AM Nothing but Nose

I think I may have solved it.
That ol' tree falling in the forest deal.
supposedly there are tree's falling in the 
forest but no one around to hear them.
... yeah.
But I notice there are things that I have
forgotten and if I don't remember them it's
like they didn't happen. ...
But they did. Because it can be confirmed that
things happen that I don't recall but am now affected
So I have to operate under the assumption that many things
'that are not in my memory' are going on in the world in order
for me to effectivly interact 'with' the world.
So, I have to believe there are mystical tree's out there
falling in forests in order to get on with my life.

Because where I really live is in this perception of reality that
I call my immediate memory.

9:18 PM
The only software that you can not steal.
Is open source.

while this link still works..
Was Mom wrong? Study says you shouldn't sit up straight

11:06 PM
Someone once said this was a good blog.
I wonder why?
I don't know why so I don't know what stands out about
this one. Perhaps, it isn't consistent either in which case
I have no idea why someone might come back. 

11:17 PM
Looks like YouTube is down for repairs and fixings.
I suppose I'll hold back on the posting then.

A respectable start at a dragon nose while using my new found mesh editing skillz.


Mov: Sell Out?

November 27, 2006 Monday Mov: Sell Out?

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally suports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
It's an old gag isn't?
9:14 PM Very tired though much of the day. Well actually the whole day. I got to take a 40 min nap when I finally got home and so I'm proud to say I'm awake enough to take care of things. I thought about the biographies of the new vloggers. I thought about calling it Stories at Arms Length. I like that title. It was far far too cold today. It was like icy knifes stuck into all my exposed skin. I'm glad I brought my extra sweater. I really needed it. Tommorrow is another long day and I have 5 papers that stand in the way of me and the end of this semester. It's going to go down fighting. Least things are sane in the Policial Science group. And most of the tasks are near completion.


The Break Concludes Mov: Face Modeling Attempt

November 26, 2006 Sunday The Break Concludes Mov: Face Modeling Attempt

Face Modeling Attempt

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally suports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
Well, I thought it was a good idea at the time, but apparently modeling a face is going to take more than just drawing lines on myself. It's going to take a whole lot of practice. But it's not bad for a first attempt.
Well, the break is concluding and I must say that I have been mildly accomplished. At least I started on doing everything even if I did not completely finish. I got to go out to dinner with a friend tonight. Though it used up a whole lot of time it was a nice to spend the final day in bliss. Well, I suppose I could say that but more like just a really fun distraction. Each day did happen to have good things.
Despite the fact it looks like someone punched me in the face it's a nice start. My nose as it begins to unfold. The side view with the wire is a bit more fitting.


Movie: CG Shuffle 3

November 25, 2006 Saturday 1:52 PM Movie: CG Shuffle 3

CG Shuffle

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
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Just cleaning those CG clips off my harddrive. I happen to focus on the addition of CG element into live action.
I had a nightmare as I awoke this morning. I dreamt I was taking the telecom final and wasn't doing well. And I kept losing the test. Man. That was bad. I thought it was real until I awoke and was a bit shocked to figure out that I had had a nightmare about telecom. Gesh. Soon, as I did get up I figured out how to do some cool stuff in Blender. Getting a little bit better everyday. 7:09 pm I think that the new quicktime supports my codec. So as long as someone has the latest quicktime they can view things unhindered. I think.
CG Shuffle 3 Just cleaning the harddrive.
I had to get these images off the harddrive. I'm gradually getting better at modeling things. People ask me why I don't always use youtube. The quality difference is one of the reasons. And the sound quality bites the dust after they convert it to flv movies. I cruise out on bike to get some of the daylight since I know much of the time I'll be awake will be while it's dark. I happen to stop by Shawns place before going home. It was really too cold to enjoy the ride but I caught a nice glimpse of sunset as twilight began to overtake the day. It's nice to get notes like these. The infamous begging clip.


Movie: Continuity Errors

November 24, 2006 Friday 5:07 PM Movie: Continuity  Errors

Continuity Errors

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Trouble viewing?
Try getting VLC
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What are continuity errors?
There once was an apple tree. And most apple fell onnly a few feet away. But one fell nearly 400 feet away. Where was the apple tree? Waking up at 3 pm really sucks the day away. Though I did wake up with ideas to work on. It's the fact tha there was no real day to speak of that causes pause. This is why I require some sort of structure in my days off. Or this happens. And I do nt prefer to go on those 'night walks' that I know others do. Starry Bridge You should have seen it. I was riding my bike in the biting cold across a long dark bridge. Besides the halo of road my bike light illumiated I could look up and see the stars. It was clear and I could so a lot of them. I think I thought of many things while riding back this night. I thought about the fact the data that is the movies and other things will be left behind rather than I. I thought about talking about that in a movie. I thought about how I am the archetic of my life and while some people say I shouldn't be thinking of life as a movie. I'd say as long as I make teh choice to make the video that that IS still just as much my life as anything else. ... Someone said everything was math. I disagree. To a musicaion everything is music. I do not believe that mathematical thinking is a prereq for enjoying a fine evening with friends. The fellow would continue to claim some math fact about whatever the topic of conversation was. He's pushing too hard. There's a place for mathemtiacas. There's a place for all kinds of thinking. But that shouldn't get in the way of other things. I can paint without a detailed knowledge of art. And if that's possible than people can live without the impression of math. I haven't written those mathemtical things down in a while. I suppose I recalled this after talking with Shawn while visiting the Red House. He mentioned Rings and other things from set theory. I had browsed amoung those ideas a while back during summer school. But I think know that it has been a while remembering them seems much more fluid to me. I understand the abstraction. ... If I was going to go into some sort of web business. Or spend money on web 'whatever' I would pay for 1. A fast connection 2. A domain Name 3. A Server And all the good things that you could ever pay for would be avabile and oh so much more. That is if you have the expertise to run it all. .. Which I do. 11:27 PM Break is begining to close. But I think I have and will pull of a monderate amount of what I set out to do in the first place. So it doesn't matter.


Thanksgiving II Mov: Tired Fencing

November 23, 2006 Thursday 11:28 PM Thanksgiving II Mov: Tired Fencing

Watch Tired Fencing.
I'm to tired to edit right now. So, I whip out some stock footage from last break. Here's fencing.
And again I spend thanks giving up in Arcata with random friends... well actually I only knew one of them before today, but I got to know her friends a bit when they came. I had gotten lost on the way to the house. The big arrow on my google map misslead me. Can you believe that? I spent nearly an hour (literally) trying to get to a place and when I finally found it (after asking a lot of people for directions) I was relived if not a bit frustrated. It's a cool place. There's a barn and a cottage and that's not even the main house. There's gradens and wood carvings and an old dog. It was some pretty amazing proptery complete with a nice view. The current crew coach is well accomidated I suppose. My camera ran out of power so I couldn't catch the best moments of the day. That's ashame. Since I didn't know the people that well it was a bit akward at parts but I had a lot of fun with helping with food prep here and there and then joking around a bit. There may have been a bit too much Cirque du Soleil. But eh, I generally liked the evening. And I felt that when I left I had made a good first impression.
A while after I leave to go to Tricia's (well temperialy her place) I can't seem to find it. I finally managed to find that mailbox that would signifly that I had arrived. Only it was about an HOUR after I left. I didn't expect the whole getting lost thing. I'm excited to see a real live barn being constructed. It makes all the effort worth it in a way. Course. Getting to hang out with Tricia and company is like the icying on the cake. The place was old and it had push button lights. 1920's or so? Outside there was this bell with charactors on it. Interesting.

Dad sends a picture of him in a strange look. View from a window in the place.


Movie: More Like Zay

November 22, 2006 Wednesday Movie:More Like Zay
96.6% chance of entries, 22.5% chance of movies

More Like Zay

This isn't like me but I edited a bit more like Ze (pronounced Zay) as in Ze from the show with Ze Frank. I decided my pacing needed that kind of a shift. Maybe not forever.
3:35 PM I went to bed at 6am I got up at 1 or so. I'm a bit more willing to tend to my academic work now that half the break is over and I've been putting it off. Though I have been learning a great deal about a lot of things. IK, RVK, weight painting, rigging, some coding. And I've cleaned off some old break movies. I just took a survey for HSU budget crisis. They said they selected my scientifically. You know what that means right? They pulled a number out of a hat. ( or some random number generator) They needed a random selection and I was one of their patsies. A sample question. The wind was howling and it was raining hard so I got up and checked and sent e mails in case the power was going to go out. It's calmed down now. ... The last thing I did before turning in for the night was to re write my life timeline so far. I have a spread sheet in Open Office and I've placed the year and all the months so that I could see how my age overlapped with school. The offset between year and my age has always confused me. Now, at least I can see the difference. The Open Journal Project (this thing) only goes back to March. So it hasn't even been that long in existance. And I have faithfully out of 257 entries. (including this one) So out of 266 days I have tracked 257 or 257/266 which is .966 percent of all the days. 96.6% Would have been more had it not been for one big debacle. And of those days something like 60 movies. Bringing the probabily of movies to 60/266 = 22.5% so I can always guarantee some sort of entry. But movies are a 1 out of 5 chance.

"96.6% chance of entries, 22.5% chance of movies"

Good to know. Any kind of reduction in school is going to show and increase in movie production. It's just the way it works. I struggle to do anything with the blasted disorienting effect of multiple classes. I don't have the same problem with 1 or 2 summer courses. What would be great would be to have stability as well as a mix of a few coureses to keep me in a state of perpetual summer school. Everything could get done and I would still have student status while driving inspiration from new material brought to me. A touch of mutation is good for the intellect as it is for mother nature. There are some hard choices coming up in my life. And I believe I'm more or less jockeying for position for better diplomatic firepower. And I have to face the challenges to get it. 8:12 PM I had no idea that I started going on line around the same time Ze Did. So, Ze begins to post the videos somewhere around this time in my life, 2006_03_12_welcometochrisworld_archive.html
From the Records A Note from Comm class This was really slow Instant Messaging. Can you read my writing? Another bad frame from a movie.


Movie: Messing Around

November 22, 2006 Tuesday Movie: Messing Around

Messing Around


Eh, I tried to do a video tutorial but gave up. I realized that I needed a detailed outline and prob. shouldn't attempt anything until I have things written out. So, I just talked about my set up.... well actually there was a lot more.. but basically I edited it all down to it sounding like me just going over that.

"It's not where you are, it's what you are"

OoooOOO Hangar Number 5 Hangar No. 5 Teaser 7:00 PM So I thought there might be a job with CWD on campus but they need people to start in Jan 2007. I could. I should try. It would be good to have an office like place to goto to get me started in the 'working world' Though I wish to make other things workout instead. ... it's just so hard to pick up where I left off. I don't want to but then late at night right before I feel to tired to work I want to. It's 7:09 PM and there are hours left but hey... it's a break isn't it? The Energy that Powers the Future Let's all hope ITER pays off. ITER (that big multi national fusion deal) I was glad to hear that a project was already underway that just might save the world. .... I hope. Fusion is very different from fission... well actually its it's exact opposite. (You push atoms together rather than break them apart) The troble comes with sustaining an output energy given that it takes a LOT of energy to get it started. So, the project is a bit of a gamble. But theoretically it could be the energy that powers the future. 10:34 PM I did not realize how hard it was to film a blender tutorial. I have a new found respect for all those who have done it. Though, I think it was easyier for them since their methods didn't include shooting the screen with the camera. I'm trying to convice myself that I prefer it this way.. but it amounts to a lot of contorting in order to manage the camera, the movie program and the software and set up each shot. I'm sure that with an outline of steps and some practise I can have it done but for now it's a very painful experience. It's my first headache in a while.
Finally, getting IK chains to work for me. IK chains with restrictions. I liked it. It's good to be learning after all the additions. I show Shawn the dancing movie. I think he enjoys it. I see John while shopping.
From the Records. It was cold last break. And I had no heater... but now I do.


Movie: Pure Chris World

November 20, 2006 Monday Movie: Pure Chris World

This is pure me. Dancing to my imagination. Music plays a large role in movies. I'd dance more in things but all the music is copyrighted but the tracks in G band are available. So, I celebrated. I returned at 10:41 PM to my desk after getting back from Shell and Jackie's. They are futher up the hill than I thought. ... There were moments at the get together. Moments in which I sat merely listening to the feelings that I was having. I was somewhat overtaken I suppose. I was sitting there in front of the counter with the hosts busyil preping food and guests chatting from all over the room. But I was locked in my place with that strange warm feeling of pins and needles. It was nice though. Like my body was telling me something it wanted my mind to know. And the thing was. That although I know things don't work out. I can still sit and enjoy the feelings of caring for someone without needing anything nor caring about the circumstances. There were just a few moments where I thought of what she had thought of at the same time. And we both liked the same music. It felt as though a pleasant strangeness had it's hand on my shoulder. Like a longing that knows it will generally remain a longing but likes to know of it's own existance. Aye, the bitterness of it all. And yet, I sit here retelling these events before the machine that will enable me to time travel back to all those places in my mind. Let's make sure this one remains special and to the side. .... .... later Looks like I'm falling behind in the recapping movies. But as long as I have something to put up I'm happy. Besides, there is much to do. But I don't want to burn myself out on those things. I need to relax.
it was a small victory to make sense of the NLA editor as well as RVK Relative Vertex Keys. I can make things wink and such. And then I'm beging to work with Armatures. So, that's progress of a different sort. Earlier in the day I animate things on a vertex by vertex basis. I felt like one of those guys you always see on the behind the scenes features of DVD's. It feels good to be doing similar things. Like a dream come true.
Shell and Jackie. Good people I know. These days really are too short. I'm awake and I go out and do one social thing and then the day is over. It's like there no really time during a time when I should have all the time. Why is that?


Movie: Nov 19 2006

November 19, 2006 Monday Movie: Nov 19 2006

Watch Nov 19 2006
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I continue to recap last break as the days go on. I also included the 3 inches above the ground driving spree. Life is good while driving 3 inches above the floor in your room.
I'm very irked these days. ... I can watch Outlaw Star and have some folks think that I am complelety wasting my time. And I would say that it serves different purposes. Relax a bit. Notice a few things about the way they have decided to tell their story. I notice the star motion during the fights and realize I could do that to. It adds a lot of action to a clip where the only things moving are in the foreground. Anime does tend to play a lot with motion. I should put speed lines into a movie of mine. ... I was cleaning up papers in my room when I came accross one where I had solved out for a point. The equations were dense and covered an entier page lengthwise. I recall it took me 32 minutes just to prove out one point. It was then that I realized I had to teach the comptuer how to do this in order to accimve anything remotely productive in the future. So are their algbra rep. systems for python? And I have yet to succesffuly compile the PIL module. Compiling from source is a skill I have yet to learn. Very difficult. 11:22 AM I rise and with cold hands I type my Itinerary. I'm sure I'll modifity it as I go. Adding things here and there. Mostly seeing how it works. How many things I can do in a day. ... 2:50 PM Someone once said to me, " I stole one of your pictures off your site" I replied, "You can't steal them, their open Source" 6:04 PM Maybe I'll be doing everything at 2 am or so instead. Course I did write part of the iternary and already I'm not keeping it.
FROM a Note someone left me.
"HEY SWEETS!! I miss our talks and hanging out! You know what chris. You I mist say have been one of the most influential people I have ever met in my life. I just wanted ot say thank you and I think of you often. Miss you. I hope everything is going well for you."
Aww. I was a bit taken a back. .... 10:53 PM Someone is always trying to push some reinstate the draft bill. Someone is always trying to push it. Damn. But these things don't bother nearly as much as they used to. Well part of that is that I'm 22 and the number deal has been reversed. So I'm not 20. Which is delightful. I still have a certain neurological disorder that prevents me from driving amoung other things. And I'm not nearly as paranoida as I once was. So let things happen. I know my contract is void in that particular case. Until then, I still have many skills to develope and I'd prefer to brush off all the distractions. .... I think that has been a pretty down break mostly. Very un 'breakish' not my usual bouncing off the walls self. Will that self ever come back? Perhaps. But the way I see things... it's tough. .... 11:21 PM It's about time the science commons got around
Hey, the ol CC is using Revver. Thumb_default
Every once in a while there are frames in my movies that are so prefect. This one was quite possibliy the worst inbetween frame I have ever seen myself capture. Ugh. It hurts to look at it. My new glowly title is very nice. I've rigged the model from yesterday and I even added softbody. Late last night, I managed to get a crude GameLogic script to work inside of blender. It was a small victory. I was very tired by the end of it given that it was 3 am when I did it.


First Day of Break Mov: Nov 18 2006

November 18, 2006 Saturday First Day of Break

Nov 18 2006

Watch Nov 18 2006
(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
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I remember last break during this one. Didn't put much about today in it. But it's good to free up old memory and dig out my new title and end clips.
2:43 PM Felicia Found this... originally I thought she had made it. My mistake. Kiwi My friend Coff found this.. Human Space Invaders I've never gotten to play that game. I really want to. .. 3:34 PM Last years 19th of November is this years 18th of November. It's throughing me off when I look back at last years break. I ment to clean off those files... but I suppose it's fitting that I revisit them and clean them exactly one year later. I'm doing things differently this time. Now that I have last time documented I know just 'how' differently. Maybe it was worth it after all. I always thought it was kind of a failure at the time. But if there is anything redeming about having T. Break 2005 on log then I'll soon find out. My mistake was trying to catch everything. This time I know focus is the answer and I have the other net resources to help get whatever it is that I do 'out there' I've had this computer for that long? Whoa. 8:58 PM Bleck. I don't feel up to things. I'm a bit lethargic. This isn't the happiest of breaks para me.
The YouTube encoded version. They have some software that converst Xvid to formated movies into flash. Blip Does not. So, I'm forced into using the infamous 'tube' just to get people to watch. I need to rant about it at some point so that people will realize the error of their codec ways.
Wake up and design something. A preview radiosity render.
From the records... I sat on a bamboo bench nearly a year ago.


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