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Beck. Mov:Train Gibberish

November 1, 2006 Wednesday 10:23 PM Beck. Mov:Train Gibberish

Geo Short Hand

At least, something did go right. The module was finally
installed onto the server space of sourceforge and work
can begin to progress now that everyone in the group can see
something there. This whole group project is pretty distressing.
And that's not even my main concern.

Doesn't look like there can be a meeting tomorrow ethier.
That's depressing. Lots of things are right now. As well
as the fact I over hear insults behind my back while in 

There's much to be done but I'm dishearten about a lot of things.
I need to do something to pick myself up. This being stuck
on the floor is getting old.

I'm almost sure that someday I'll be much happier when I know
for absoulte fact no one can make me do anything. I'm sure I 
work to make things that way. 

gotta talk to Ben, gotta do something. man.

course today it was good to dine out with a friend. She treated me and
was very grateful.

.... .... ....
The writing won't really go with the movies. Well, actually a lot
of the time the pictures don't even go with the posts. 
It's sort of all thrown together here.

Train Gibberish

Watch Train Gibberish
(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Trouble viewing?
Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I mean it. Gibberish. I stood in front of a chalk board and pointed out how that old train problem where two trains are speeding towards one another on a track can be thought of as really two points on a plane.

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