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Coding and Coughing

November 17, 2006 Friday Coding and Coughing

I did a jacket... well it wasn't going to be a jacket at first but
I started making it into one. I suppose I should try again with 
'jacket' in mind, but I was on to other things.

Ramp Shaders help a lot.

"Now, I know why they killed Socrates. Poking at peoples beliefs sure can have it's consequences."

I don't know what is with this semester and me getting on the bad side of everyone. Geesh. 12:05 AM Working on LifeCycleCode for Project. 4:35 PM I kind of did sleep some. finaly. And the day progressed better than I would have thought. So, I guess I felt relived. And more so, there were smiles her and there from females. I managed to help with another computer problem. And it got fixed. I got to talk with Marie about Art. And then I even saw the Platya. She informed me Joy had left already. I went, 'Wha? oh" ... I have a bit of a cough and plenty of mucus to go around. Though not as much stinging pain as I once did. After tommorrow this place should be quieter. That will be a relief. 11:05 PM I've been writing my new journal code... and I'm getting all my logic mixed up. ack the ccPublisher Uploader really isn't working very well. What 'is' the problem? The code I'm currently working on is for the next version of my joural software... well it should have been the next since my first version happened to be a really long text file. Well, actually in the beginning it was a doc then it was a cwk apple works format, then I switched to plain text. Then I started adding html code to it when I began uploading to blogger. And now I'm working on transforming the files into a browse-able folder hierarchy. I'll still keep the long text file I think.. but I might add parse tags. I'm not thinking about designing anything real fancy. Though it appeals to me that I coudl greate timeline mode and scroll on through my life as well as tack on extra data. And the whole things is human readable.
My ChronoLogger SetUp has yet to have workign logic. I need to step back and think about how I'm going to have it walk through and form the folder tree. mmmm Maybe if I made all the months at once then filled them out.... I was thinking originaly about creating and adding the days inside but I didn't know how to delimit the days so that I could get back out of the current month folder. Hey.... what if I returend a list of days in that month and then walked through that? Maybe it would be better if I returned a list of the months in the year and a list of days in each of those months and then inputted that into a function that will turn it into a file tree. ... there are always better was to code it seems.... I spent some time finding the right functions and came up with code that worked. .. 1:29 AM the next day It takes more than 30 min just to get the image files on. What a hassle. It worries me when I see stuff like this in the documenation.
The best Joy Frame from my personal records. I didn't get to say good bye to her today. That's sad. She's gone for break and there wasn't a good bye.

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