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November 11, 2006 Saturday Crash and Burn Projects

There is a default model given in Blender which I applied the wire frame trick
I learned today. These days I always make sure to check in to blendernation
to see what is up. And it's always rewarding... mostly always.
I like how the wire frame looks so much brighter in the light.
It almost gives it a metallic look which I like.

12:50 PM I prefer not to script my days out like that. Like yesterday. I think overfocus gave me a mild headache. What's more of a headache is the fact I have so much material to cover for my test on Tuesday... and I can't communicate with my e mail partner to complete a COMM Assignmnet. I'll have to try and write it without intervention with her. That's just not what I wanted. ... I should mention what I did late last night. I was attempting to compile Blender source. I made a lot of progress.. and the good kind of progress. I actuallly 'corrected' errors rather than trying to comment everything out. I'm now to the point where I believe if I can just find all the necessary libraries I can put it all together and finaly work with the Blender source. I think I noted thoughout my little 3 am escipated that I've come a very very long way in my programming and computer skills. The name of the game is compiling huge software packages. This is worlds apart from those days I began in BASIC. ... 1:26 PM Ah, I see that they listed it for me. You know I was thinking about the difference between presenational tutorials and autobiographical tutorials. In one case, your being shown. You see how to do things as though the fellow is presenting to you. But then there is the fact that you can see how to do things while watching how someone else does it. I think the difference is subtle but there. If I go about my work and point out all the things I'm going... someone might pick up on it without me ever trying to go... "hey do this and that and then this" It's passively explaining how to do something. I pondeed style questions like these while preping for my shower last night. I guess I think of weird things when I'm getting ready to clean myself. ... Crash and Burn Projects - the e mail project won't work because my e mails keep bouncing back. She eventually did what I did (without knowing it ofcourse) and sent her phone number. Now, we can complete the project. Software Engieering is still going no where fast. That's a big problem. ... Well there is one day or so left to 'make something look right' one of the group members still can't figure out the subversioning and unix command line business. And now I have only so long to build up my telecome skills to pass the test on Tuesday. This is all bad.
I was looking through the harddrive a day ago and found my old polar graphing program. It's a bit of a tradition to write a polar graphing somethign or other when ever I figure out how to place a pixel on the screen. I understand polar equations so well. I always like to bring them out whenever I can.

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