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The Day the Bottle Broke

November 8, 2006 The Day the Bottle Broke

I'm going to reprogram that boolean matrix someday.

"What are my feet, without the floor?"

.... The Day the Bottle Broke It happened in a second, and skewed the whole day. I had gotten my sandwitch and my Sobe and was walking out in the quad.... And the Sobe, the exlier in the glass bottle slips from my fingers and shatters into bits spilling my dring all over the cement and sending chards everywhere. I was disappointed. It must have been obvious. Since, I stood there shocked by the sudden loss of my drink. I was slightly hunched looking down at the remains of the drink trying to figure out what to do now. People noticed my plight. Some unname heros stepped aside me and offered to help clean up or advice on who to tell about my drink debacle. Time seemed to slow down through out the whole ordeal. It felt like it took a long time to clean up the glass. A female offered a broom but when I was finished getting most of the stuff of the ground I did not know how to give the broom back. So I walked into the building that person ahd come from with broom in hand and stood there for a moment. I stepped into an office where it seemed like people were talking and asked where this broom goes. .... Despite the details the event shouldn't have affected me that much. .... I thought more about it later, as I waited out side my class. I would laugh to myself at odd times but mostly I sat starging off.. the vivid picture of the glass remains still echoed in my mind. But the thing I wanted most... when I ate my sandwitch, the one thing that I bought that did survive the calamity I grew thirsty. And I knew what I wanted the taste off. But it was not there. And in it's place an empty void was left. Somethign I wanted but lost. Something I had but had lost. That feeling stayed with me the whole day.. and to think it started off as such a good day.... the quickly turned to dust as soon as it got underway. ..... thought it's important to note that the other side of that event really showcased the social democratic spirit. Or at least whatever it is that you call that tendency for human beings to see other humans in distress and help out. What is that called? Altruistic something? Empathetic tendencies? ....... 6:47 PM Least there were some things to cheer me up here and there. Seeing people. ... Hanging out with a friend I was very grateful for. She cheered me up. .. actully there was even things after that that brought me down here and there... in all the Jury is still out on whether or not you can call this a good day or a bad day. Certinaly figuring out the classes and getting a reg. code was good.
The Bench Club (like the breakfast club but it's the bench and we're not in detention. Nor is there a jock. I step into the Art Workshop in search of Sondra to ask how to become an artist. Louis works on something. The Day progresses. I find Kristina as I walk home. (after stopping into the bottom of the J)

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