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Double Blaw.

November 13, 2006 Monday Double Blaw.
12:46 AM
Another successful python text script.
Not too much hassle and it works nicely.

I found some new documenation so I'll be programming with the 
updated Blender Python now. Good stuff.

Out of the fire? Maybe. Some working code actually exists in the SE Project. It's uplifting enough to know your not completely in the drain. Perhaps, things are salvageable. Things looked pretty dark for a long time. There's still a nemissing group presenation tommorrow as well as a Telecom test and a earlier class to wake up for. Blaw. I guess that means I should make notes and get some rest. ONLY I still have the communication e mail project to write. Double Blaw. I forgot I was suppose to write entries of substance here. What ideas have I been throughign around? Well, there hasn't been much time to ponder them due to all the hassle. But my thoughts wonder onto the cool things I'll soon be able to do once I memorize the Blender Python API. This is what I do with my time. Memorize the Blender API. I remarked about it as I left my friend that I had visited earlier. I don't believe she understood. But it's a big deal to me. Knowing the Blender Python API is like having the keys to programming some very cool 3D projects. It's paving the way to complete realization of my simulation ideas and future robotics construction algorithms. ... The subway girl is leaving to go to work at Eureka College Library. No more subway girl. Aww. .... Ugh my head hurts.

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