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Efficiency challenge Mov: No Triangles

November 29, 2006 Wednesday 2:07 AM Efficiency challenge Mov: No Triangles

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally suports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I awoke this morning thinking about triangles in my mesh. That's not a good thing when modeling in Blender my favorite open source 3D modeling software platform. So, I get up experiment with ways to eliminate those pesky triangles. The result? This movie.
So, it would appear that I saw a 200% increase in site traffic after posting continuously for something like 9 days. (that means 17 visits) I get the feeling I just have to bit the 'time bullet' and post a movie everyday or else I'm going no where fast. I never want to say "hey I'm posting a video everyday" because I just can't make that promise. But I must say I've thought long and hard and my feelings towards video posting might just be changing. It's time to spend the extra 3 hours per night to add that extra cinematic touch to the journal. I'm getting better at managing the hard-drive space and if I can just flex myself into the right mindset I can be 'all there' for movie production. But on what? If I did it regularly I will probably bring more and more life influenced type of topics into the movies. For example, discussing just how much work I have to do for these final weeks. But I could always give it that extra flare. As in act like I'm a detective with a voice over talking about doing the research as though it was a case and I had to find the evidence. Stuff like that. Take the examples I find in my life and give a twist. It deserves it. It's best not to decide to be boring. I also think that I can really watch the evolution of everything that I work on. And think that will be rewarding. I can tune into the projects and keep them up so that I can retrace from beginning to end of the ideas and concepts and screen shots. (where is that dragon mesh going to wined up?) Speaking of next movies... there's always plenty of possibilities. I have CG Shuffle 4,5 and 6 ready to be edited and narrated. I have Shawn footage ready to be chopped up into An Intro to Shawn I could always pull out random clips and do a Super Static Rewind (those movies where I cut to many scattered interesting clips with static between them) Conducting Visuals is another 'how I make movies' movie. But I have yet to finish the project. There's also short script segments on Blender tips for zoom arounds and such. I could even pull out an older movie and commentate on it. I have a particular fondness for doing that. I like to pretend to be that 'guy' on the DVD whom recites stories about the making of process. I guess, the small accomplishment of posting a movie every day for several days made me feel good about myself for once. I need to keep doing it. It's my little place on the web. If I put enough of 'me' out there I'm bound to last for a while. ... Every-once in a while I think I'm out of ideas for How to's of movie making. And then I realize I never explained... What is white balancing? What is a codec? What is a buzz track? I contemplate doing something about programming but I don't know how to make that understandable and interesting without a considerable about of time investment. I also contemplate bringing up philosophy arguments. If you have read thus far your getting some sort of idea at the shear number and variety of things I'm always thinking of. it makes Chris World a very scattered place which is why I have to work much harder to focus in and complete tasks rather than jump around. I have a tendency to jump too much. 3:11 PM There is a reason for people to think. Really think. And I think that point should be hammered home. What is philosophy really? I want to prove it's something practical not airy as it's reputation claims. ... don't forget the open voting movement. I'll need to work on that too. I should prob. write and essay called "Why do 'you' matter?" I know what I can do. I was walking back from helping another friend with class work and thinking about society. I think I can see solutions. And I think I noted the most important thought was that there may be lots of time's where talking in person is the most ineffeicty use of the time. Where as something written and distributed can live on and effect much more. Aristotle is dead. But his words (or so we think) are still with us. I mused over the number of ways in which 'talking in person in real time' failed to live up to my Efficiency challenge. The thing my whole life is based on. Agreement on issue to discuss. The proper background in trained thinking. I listed off the number of ways it could go wrong. I have support but it requires prerequisites that I can not fully articulate to you. A series of problems and what exactly is the end product? Maybe just another headache. Agreement on the end product of the exchange. the very 'notion' of efficiency has some sort of resources that are used in the most effective way to produce some sort of outcome. So what is the outcome of the 'real time conversation'? I can only see it's utility as a aide in doing the real work which is getting the logical progression of thought out in text form or other manners of storage. It is only then, that the outcome is worth the effort and resource usage. 10:27 PM While I'm sure there 'is a reason' for everything. I do not yet believe that everything happens for a reason.

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