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First Day of Break Mov: Nov 18 2006

November 18, 2006 Saturday First Day of Break

Nov 18 2006

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I remember last break during this one. Didn't put much about today in it. But it's good to free up old memory and dig out my new title and end clips.
2:43 PM Felicia Found this... originally I thought she had made it. My mistake. Kiwi My friend Coff found this.. Human Space Invaders I've never gotten to play that game. I really want to. .. 3:34 PM Last years 19th of November is this years 18th of November. It's throughing me off when I look back at last years break. I ment to clean off those files... but I suppose it's fitting that I revisit them and clean them exactly one year later. I'm doing things differently this time. Now that I have last time documented I know just 'how' differently. Maybe it was worth it after all. I always thought it was kind of a failure at the time. But if there is anything redeming about having T. Break 2005 on log then I'll soon find out. My mistake was trying to catch everything. This time I know focus is the answer and I have the other net resources to help get whatever it is that I do 'out there' I've had this computer for that long? Whoa. 8:58 PM Bleck. I don't feel up to things. I'm a bit lethargic. This isn't the happiest of breaks para me.
The YouTube encoded version. They have some software that converst Xvid to formated movies into flash. Blip Does not. So, I'm forced into using the infamous 'tube' just to get people to watch. I need to rant about it at some point so that people will realize the error of their codec ways.
Wake up and design something. A preview radiosity render.
From the records... I sat on a bamboo bench nearly a year ago.

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