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Movie: CG Shuffle 3

November 25, 2006 Saturday 1:52 PM Movie: CG Shuffle 3

CG Shuffle

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
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Just cleaning those CG clips off my harddrive. I happen to focus on the addition of CG element into live action.
I had a nightmare as I awoke this morning. I dreamt I was taking the telecom final and wasn't doing well. And I kept losing the test. Man. That was bad. I thought it was real until I awoke and was a bit shocked to figure out that I had had a nightmare about telecom. Gesh. Soon, as I did get up I figured out how to do some cool stuff in Blender. Getting a little bit better everyday. 7:09 pm I think that the new quicktime supports my codec. So as long as someone has the latest quicktime they can view things unhindered. I think.
CG Shuffle 3 Just cleaning the harddrive.
I had to get these images off the harddrive. I'm gradually getting better at modeling things. People ask me why I don't always use youtube. The quality difference is one of the reasons. And the sound quality bites the dust after they convert it to flv movies. I cruise out on bike to get some of the daylight since I know much of the time I'll be awake will be while it's dark. I happen to stop by Shawns place before going home. It was really too cold to enjoy the ride but I caught a nice glimpse of sunset as twilight began to overtake the day. It's nice to get notes like these. The infamous begging clip.

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