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Movie: Continuity Errors

November 24, 2006 Friday 5:07 PM Movie: Continuity  Errors

Continuity Errors

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What are continuity errors?
There once was an apple tree. And most apple fell onnly a few feet away. But one fell nearly 400 feet away. Where was the apple tree? Waking up at 3 pm really sucks the day away. Though I did wake up with ideas to work on. It's the fact tha there was no real day to speak of that causes pause. This is why I require some sort of structure in my days off. Or this happens. And I do nt prefer to go on those 'night walks' that I know others do. Starry Bridge You should have seen it. I was riding my bike in the biting cold across a long dark bridge. Besides the halo of road my bike light illumiated I could look up and see the stars. It was clear and I could so a lot of them. I think I thought of many things while riding back this night. I thought about the fact the data that is the movies and other things will be left behind rather than I. I thought about talking about that in a movie. I thought about how I am the archetic of my life and while some people say I shouldn't be thinking of life as a movie. I'd say as long as I make teh choice to make the video that that IS still just as much my life as anything else. ... Someone said everything was math. I disagree. To a musicaion everything is music. I do not believe that mathematical thinking is a prereq for enjoying a fine evening with friends. The fellow would continue to claim some math fact about whatever the topic of conversation was. He's pushing too hard. There's a place for mathemtiacas. There's a place for all kinds of thinking. But that shouldn't get in the way of other things. I can paint without a detailed knowledge of art. And if that's possible than people can live without the impression of math. I haven't written those mathemtical things down in a while. I suppose I recalled this after talking with Shawn while visiting the Red House. He mentioned Rings and other things from set theory. I had browsed amoung those ideas a while back during summer school. But I think know that it has been a while remembering them seems much more fluid to me. I understand the abstraction. ... If I was going to go into some sort of web business. Or spend money on web 'whatever' I would pay for 1. A fast connection 2. A domain Name 3. A Server And all the good things that you could ever pay for would be avabile and oh so much more. That is if you have the expertise to run it all. .. Which I do. 11:27 PM Break is begining to close. But I think I have and will pull of a monderate amount of what I set out to do in the first place. So it doesn't matter.

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