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Movie: Messing Around

November 22, 2006 Tuesday Movie: Messing Around

Messing Around


Eh, I tried to do a video tutorial but gave up. I realized that I needed a detailed outline and prob. shouldn't attempt anything until I have things written out. So, I just talked about my set up.... well actually there was a lot more.. but basically I edited it all down to it sounding like me just going over that.

"It's not where you are, it's what you are"

OoooOOO Hangar Number 5 Hangar No. 5 Teaser 7:00 PM So I thought there might be a job with CWD on campus but they need people to start in Jan 2007. I could. I should try. It would be good to have an office like place to goto to get me started in the 'working world' Though I wish to make other things workout instead. ... it's just so hard to pick up where I left off. I don't want to but then late at night right before I feel to tired to work I want to. It's 7:09 PM and there are hours left but hey... it's a break isn't it? The Energy that Powers the Future Let's all hope ITER pays off. ITER (that big multi national fusion deal) I was glad to hear that a project was already underway that just might save the world. .... I hope. Fusion is very different from fission... well actually its it's exact opposite. (You push atoms together rather than break them apart) The troble comes with sustaining an output energy given that it takes a LOT of energy to get it started. So, the project is a bit of a gamble. But theoretically it could be the energy that powers the future. 10:34 PM I did not realize how hard it was to film a blender tutorial. I have a new found respect for all those who have done it. Though, I think it was easyier for them since their methods didn't include shooting the screen with the camera. I'm trying to convice myself that I prefer it this way.. but it amounts to a lot of contorting in order to manage the camera, the movie program and the software and set up each shot. I'm sure that with an outline of steps and some practise I can have it done but for now it's a very painful experience. It's my first headache in a while.
Finally, getting IK chains to work for me. IK chains with restrictions. I liked it. It's good to be learning after all the additions. I show Shawn the dancing movie. I think he enjoys it. I see John while shopping.
From the Records. It was cold last break. And I had no heater... but now I do.

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