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Movie: More Like Zay

November 22, 2006 Wednesday Movie:More Like Zay
96.6% chance of entries, 22.5% chance of movies

More Like Zay

This isn't like me but I edited a bit more like Ze (pronounced Zay) as in Ze from the show with Ze Frank. I decided my pacing needed that kind of a shift. Maybe not forever.
3:35 PM I went to bed at 6am I got up at 1 or so. I'm a bit more willing to tend to my academic work now that half the break is over and I've been putting it off. Though I have been learning a great deal about a lot of things. IK, RVK, weight painting, rigging, some coding. And I've cleaned off some old break movies. I just took a survey for HSU budget crisis. They said they selected my scientifically. You know what that means right? They pulled a number out of a hat. ( or some random number generator) They needed a random selection and I was one of their patsies. A sample question. The wind was howling and it was raining hard so I got up and checked and sent e mails in case the power was going to go out. It's calmed down now. ... The last thing I did before turning in for the night was to re write my life timeline so far. I have a spread sheet in Open Office and I've placed the year and all the months so that I could see how my age overlapped with school. The offset between year and my age has always confused me. Now, at least I can see the difference. The Open Journal Project (this thing) only goes back to March. So it hasn't even been that long in existance. And I have faithfully out of 257 entries. (including this one) So out of 266 days I have tracked 257 or 257/266 which is .966 percent of all the days. 96.6% Would have been more had it not been for one big debacle. And of those days something like 60 movies. Bringing the probabily of movies to 60/266 = 22.5% so I can always guarantee some sort of entry. But movies are a 1 out of 5 chance.

"96.6% chance of entries, 22.5% chance of movies"

Good to know. Any kind of reduction in school is going to show and increase in movie production. It's just the way it works. I struggle to do anything with the blasted disorienting effect of multiple classes. I don't have the same problem with 1 or 2 summer courses. What would be great would be to have stability as well as a mix of a few coureses to keep me in a state of perpetual summer school. Everything could get done and I would still have student status while driving inspiration from new material brought to me. A touch of mutation is good for the intellect as it is for mother nature. There are some hard choices coming up in my life. And I believe I'm more or less jockeying for position for better diplomatic firepower. And I have to face the challenges to get it. 8:12 PM I had no idea that I started going on line around the same time Ze Did. So, Ze begins to post the videos somewhere around this time in my life, 2006_03_12_welcometochrisworld_archive.html
From the Records A Note from Comm class This was really slow Instant Messaging. Can you read my writing? Another bad frame from a movie.

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