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Movie: Nov 19 2006

November 19, 2006 Monday Movie: Nov 19 2006

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I continue to recap last break as the days go on. I also included the 3 inches above the ground driving spree. Life is good while driving 3 inches above the floor in your room.
I'm very irked these days. ... I can watch Outlaw Star and have some folks think that I am complelety wasting my time. And I would say that it serves different purposes. Relax a bit. Notice a few things about the way they have decided to tell their story. I notice the star motion during the fights and realize I could do that to. It adds a lot of action to a clip where the only things moving are in the foreground. Anime does tend to play a lot with motion. I should put speed lines into a movie of mine. ... I was cleaning up papers in my room when I came accross one where I had solved out for a point. The equations were dense and covered an entier page lengthwise. I recall it took me 32 minutes just to prove out one point. It was then that I realized I had to teach the comptuer how to do this in order to accimve anything remotely productive in the future. So are their algbra rep. systems for python? And I have yet to succesffuly compile the PIL module. Compiling from source is a skill I have yet to learn. Very difficult. 11:22 AM I rise and with cold hands I type my Itinerary. I'm sure I'll modifity it as I go. Adding things here and there. Mostly seeing how it works. How many things I can do in a day. ... 2:50 PM Someone once said to me, " I stole one of your pictures off your site" I replied, "You can't steal them, their open Source" 6:04 PM Maybe I'll be doing everything at 2 am or so instead. Course I did write part of the iternary and already I'm not keeping it.
FROM a Note someone left me.
"HEY SWEETS!! I miss our talks and hanging out! You know what chris. You I mist say have been one of the most influential people I have ever met in my life. I just wanted ot say thank you and I think of you often. Miss you. I hope everything is going well for you."
Aww. I was a bit taken a back. .... 10:53 PM Someone is always trying to push some reinstate the draft bill. Someone is always trying to push it. Damn. But these things don't bother nearly as much as they used to. Well part of that is that I'm 22 and the number deal has been reversed. So I'm not 20. Which is delightful. I still have a certain neurological disorder that prevents me from driving amoung other things. And I'm not nearly as paranoida as I once was. So let things happen. I know my contract is void in that particular case. Until then, I still have many skills to develope and I'd prefer to brush off all the distractions. .... I think that has been a pretty down break mostly. Very un 'breakish' not my usual bouncing off the walls self. Will that self ever come back? Perhaps. But the way I see things... it's tough. .... 11:21 PM It's about time the science commons got around
Hey, the ol CC is using Revver. Thumb_default
Every once in a while there are frames in my movies that are so prefect. This one was quite possibliy the worst inbetween frame I have ever seen myself capture. Ugh. It hurts to look at it. My new glowly title is very nice. I've rigged the model from yesterday and I even added softbody. Late last night, I managed to get a crude GameLogic script to work inside of blender. It was a small victory. I was very tired by the end of it given that it was 3 am when I did it.

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