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Movie: Pure Chris World

November 20, 2006 Monday Movie: Pure Chris World

This is pure me. Dancing to my imagination. Music plays a large role in movies. I'd dance more in things but all the music is copyrighted but the tracks in G band are available. So, I celebrated. I returned at 10:41 PM to my desk after getting back from Shell and Jackie's. They are futher up the hill than I thought. ... There were moments at the get together. Moments in which I sat merely listening to the feelings that I was having. I was somewhat overtaken I suppose. I was sitting there in front of the counter with the hosts busyil preping food and guests chatting from all over the room. But I was locked in my place with that strange warm feeling of pins and needles. It was nice though. Like my body was telling me something it wanted my mind to know. And the thing was. That although I know things don't work out. I can still sit and enjoy the feelings of caring for someone without needing anything nor caring about the circumstances. There were just a few moments where I thought of what she had thought of at the same time. And we both liked the same music. It felt as though a pleasant strangeness had it's hand on my shoulder. Like a longing that knows it will generally remain a longing but likes to know of it's own existance. Aye, the bitterness of it all. And yet, I sit here retelling these events before the machine that will enable me to time travel back to all those places in my mind. Let's make sure this one remains special and to the side. .... .... later Looks like I'm falling behind in the recapping movies. But as long as I have something to put up I'm happy. Besides, there is much to do. But I don't want to burn myself out on those things. I need to relax.
it was a small victory to make sense of the NLA editor as well as RVK Relative Vertex Keys. I can make things wink and such. And then I'm beging to work with Armatures. So, that's progress of a different sort. Earlier in the day I animate things on a vertex by vertex basis. I felt like one of those guys you always see on the behind the scenes features of DVD's. It feels good to be doing similar things. Like a dream come true.
Shell and Jackie. Good people I know. These days really are too short. I'm awake and I go out and do one social thing and then the day is over. It's like there no really time during a time when I should have all the time. Why is that?

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