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Nominal Day?

November 12, 2006 Sunday Nominal Day?

I want to see output from my py programs in some sort of window
while still in Blender. so I wrote the above.
Didn't take to long to get right.

1:29 PM While I awoke I was recalling this one tutorial in Photoshop where you mess with the Curves and get this shiney metalic look. And then I realized I could do the same thing in Blender with the Ramp Shader... And once I have that base I could apply reflectitiy and prob. later textures... but the thing was I had DONE it! I had finally gotten metalic looking things the EASY way.
2:37 PM Before I tend to my other business of passing a test, I'll make a stab at the database issues. 3:07 PM not much progess. I'm merely watching as my 30 minutes bleeds away from my life and my frustration eases up a bit. Moral is sinking and there doesn't seem hope. I don't know what to do... perhaps I can attempt to help someone else work where I can not. 7:00 PM Everytime I find myself walking out to the Deli in need I'm left empty handed. Especial on weekends after some hour. They always just decided to be closed right when I decided to walk down there to get something. My shoes keep my feet mostly dry. All except a little moister on teh sock. That's a vast improvment over the hole ridden shoes that soaked my feet every change they got. So, I've been stuck indoors. I owe it to the rain as well as my new found paticenc. The thing is I don't mind as much so I can't really say 'stuck' the same way I once did when I always wanted to be out and about. Maybe it's a good thing to finally be spending a considerable amount of time on all the things that require it. .. And yet there are more things to tend to anyway. I guess the shopping will have to wait. 11:12 PM Nominal Day? I've always speculated about that Nominal Day. The fabled 'nothing can go wrong since nothing is risked' I've had days where I've been in the whole time, and still been reasonability excited. I suppose the tendency is to get depressed when many things aren't happening... Course my slight lull is probbaily more due to things not going right with group projects and the quickly appoarching tests. If those factors would be alterned I have a feeling staying inside today wouldn't feel so down. There would be more ambition to achieve.

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Viannah said...

I like the gold monkey the best. *grins* Also, why is Google not the answer? (not that it IS the answer, I'm just curious.)


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