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Nothing but Nose

November 28, 2006 Tuesday 11:08 AM Nothing but Nose

I think I may have solved it.
That ol' tree falling in the forest deal.
supposedly there are tree's falling in the 
forest but no one around to hear them.
... yeah.
But I notice there are things that I have
forgotten and if I don't remember them it's
like they didn't happen. ...
But they did. Because it can be confirmed that
things happen that I don't recall but am now affected
So I have to operate under the assumption that many things
'that are not in my memory' are going on in the world in order
for me to effectivly interact 'with' the world.
So, I have to believe there are mystical tree's out there
falling in forests in order to get on with my life.

Because where I really live is in this perception of reality that
I call my immediate memory.

9:18 PM
The only software that you can not steal.
Is open source.

while this link still works..
Was Mom wrong? Study says you shouldn't sit up straight

11:06 PM
Someone once said this was a good blog.
I wonder why?
I don't know why so I don't know what stands out about
this one. Perhaps, it isn't consistent either in which case
I have no idea why someone might come back. 

11:17 PM
Looks like YouTube is down for repairs and fixings.
I suppose I'll hold back on the posting then.

A respectable start at a dragon nose while using my new found mesh editing skillz.

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