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November 14, 2006

November 14, 2006 Tuesday 
1:04 AM
I just heard Java is going OPEN! with the GPL.
Now there's a real good reasons to tend to that Java Lang class.
If this link hangs around you can notice that they have an 'open sauce' release. Yum.
"The Java Development Kit - including the javac compiler - will also be part of the open sauce release,"[article]

7:42 PM

Movies can do some good things.

Movies allow us to conduct a thought experiiment.
When we engage in well thought out and well presented movie material
we enter into world that can strike up social dialogue.
Movies can entice us to see other views of our world.
Movies can package up philosophica issuse in metaphor and story.
The Matrix brought philosophical ideas to the masses all wrapped up
in an action feature. 

Movies, the well done ones, should be respected for their abilities...
but at the same time questioned for secret motives.

Notes from LAB

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