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November 3, 2006

November 3, 2006 Friday 

2:31 pm (while in a lab)
whoa I really don't want to anger people with my journal.
It is centrarlistic after all. I suppose I didn't mean
to come across as 'talking down' but so many people come to
me and exclaim that can't understand me.. so I have to deal
with that problem.

I have to find a way to make ideas accessiable.. and I have yet
to do that. I walk around during the day and contemplate visuals
that would help amoung other things.
A good deal of pracitice and planning is necessary in order
to make a product that everyone can take somethign away from.

Though I struggle between the two lands... I struggle on the shore.
How deep do I go into things? Or shall I walk more along the shoreline
merely gesturing out towards distant thoughts.

... I suppose the logic I have currenlty is that it 'is' still
my journal though it has metamorphed into something much more
different than when it had started back in 1999.
Even then, I was always causions about what I wrote for someday
it crossed my mind that I might publish larger excerpts from it.
Ah, yes I'm forgetting about the work of life recall.
The point of keeping track is that you can re eval yourself...
(least that's one contention) and consider alternat possiblities
for future choices or enjoy those good day entries and consider
what went wrong in others.

these days it's painful to walk about on campus. The old spirit
of 'saying hi and being met with equal ethesuams'is sort of
My focus, and emphasis has turned nearly completely away from
it... and resettled on matters of ultra importance.
My headache lately is finding away to prevent everyone from
'telling me what to do' and having the strength to back it up.

If there was anything I ever seeked it was the powerful to
prevent people from getting to affect me.

5:25 PM
I suppose I have to assume the risks.. as I recalled thinking
about when I first began to make the journal public.
The thing about it is that the writing style changed a bit.

these days I cultivate the 'if taken out put it away immediately'
I've always avocated for doing things 'now' but I've extened it
to doing them 'as soon as possible'

5:28 PM
why did I forget that Josh had a key?
He just walked in bring Alex boxes of stuff. 


It rained pretty heavily today. I biked out in it
towards the later half. ... I suppose such things
as water proof shoes don't exist with me.
I joked about it after having my right foot get
soaked as I biked through a very deep puddle.

I meant to work on things but instead I spent the
time with a friend...
there is so much to tend to...

38 minutes a full page of equations is too much work to 
waste on finding one point. I think it would be better
to spend the time figuring out how to program the computer
to find the points.... after all the real thing I'm after
isn't me solving it but the computer. 

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