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November 4, 2006

November 4, 2006 Saturday

Though I was unsure at the begining I genearly had fun.
It took my mind off things to play around and have 'real'
party games for once. I noted how well Joy faciliated the
entertainment and I felt like I was a significant part of
it for once. I have to be comfortable and I think I was

Also, Trish, strikes me as a pretty cool person.
I was suprised to find she was as nearly as old as Joy.
It turns out that she trys hand stands the way I do.
It it was a pleasent suprise to find that not only do
I know her from class but I find she's a friend of Joy's
as well as the nacho girls during games. (Crew tends to
help put on football games) So I see her from a couple of
different places which really lends it self well to 
meeting her. 

She should feel special. She gets a paragraph about how I 
think she's a good person. Least I get a good impression
from her.

On the technial side, I got Ipo Curves to attach to objects
as well as work data out for them. It doesn't take long to
get used to python scripting in Blender. It's very luxurious
to have a decent working programming language.

There was a considerable amount of time I interacted with
Shawn. I think he found the social event entertaining though
not as much as I, I suppose. 

He knows how to get to my place now as well. He also knows 
where Joy's place is now. Two new places in one night.
Well, there you go.

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