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November 6, 2006

November 6, 2006 Monday 12:15 AM

PayPal is more like a PayThug.
I suppose back to good ol mail in checks and printable forms.
Eh, I should re look at the prospect of having to secuirty a server
to handle information securely. Ack.

Speaking of geometric constructions... I know why that
would help nullify error. Since, it would require fewer
measurements and as I noted (every measurement is change to 
add error) then a construction system based on the geometric
constructions should 'in theory' be able to produce 
structures with out the detrimental effects of cumulative error
propagation... maybe.

8:49 PM
I find myself at scattered moments of the day when I 
speculate about writing blender python code. 
It's funny how that works. I don't think there was
ever a time when I thought about writing code just randomly
during the day. I try to sort out what I would do with my 
new found knowledge. Abacus? I thought about making a
simple stack or list visual. Something.

I got some e mails back from a couple of people. 
It was nice to hear from all of them. I smiled 
through out the day at odd moments.

10:11 PM
Maybe, I'm avoiding the studying because it doesn't feel like I'm producing.
Or that it might be hard. This coming exam is the last one before the large
project ... and I might not do so well on it.

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