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November 7, 2006

November 7, 2006 Tuesday 9:12 PM

quick notes.
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Prove Your Human

Idea Matters

1:56 PM (while in lab)
I've never been so thrilled to be examining and thinking
about code. I think this is unprecedented.. or at least it's
been a very very long time since I've been thrilled.

Prob, around that summer where I wrote BASIC programs
almost everyday... I amassed quite a bit of scattered things
and there happens to be a way to run those old things...
well with some modifications. 

The funny part about the parallelism between my past coding
experience and present day is that I know exactly what 
I'm working on. As in, both languages, as I used them, were
interpreted languages. (That's why I could never do anything very
useful with those BASIC programs) However, python is complete
different. I recall writing about 'coming home to python'
after having thought about all the different sorts of ways one
could picture programing languages.

My experience with programming with it is very good. 
I and 'I' of all people am able to actually get things done
and quick. over time I've grown much more used to the code
look up process and now have the patience and motive to 
begin 'real' work to make real useful things. 
That's given that I continue to work on my trade every night.

10:08 PM

I'm not feeling like studying very much like studying for poli sci.
I think I accidently through away papers I needed when I didn't
realize that I needed it.

But eh.

Software Engineering was pretty harsh today.
I have a feeling everyone is more awake to the tasks at 
hand. So, there should be a push for progress very soon.
Then everything will be better.

I walked to my polling place. It wasn't in the J so it was a bit of a walk. They are well armed apparently. John T. Carter (amoung others) helps get people to and from the polling places. I don't know much more about it. (bad reporting I know) but he did his part to help get people out there. I do my part to track my expenses. I'm on my 4th or 5th version of the spread sheet. I think I got it this time, though I mutter how much extra work it is to keep track of these things. It was good to get to practise a presenation a little bit. Josh, Alex, Kent and I have an emergency meeting today. The Software Engeieering Project is not in good shape. And we all have to come pull together to complete it before time runs out. There is a ligher moment before telecomm when I discover that Josh is planning on doing seminar type things. I mentioend my Blender Presenation ideals to him and he spoke of his plans. I noted it would be a good idea to do a Josh movie at some point.

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Viannah said...

YAY for voting. I'm glad you voted. I did too! (sorry about the lateness of this encouragement... I've been swamped with work recently.)


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